Interviews for positions vacant.

We are holding interviews for Receptionists and other positions on Friday 7th Dec. from 4.30pm. I know many of you check my
blog to see when interviews are occurring so please note this is the next date. If you want to come along please email me
with your details, interests and experience. If you can attach a pic all the better.

Mistress Eva returns next week.

Quite a few of you have been asking what has happened to Mistress Eva.

She has taken a short break and will be returning to roster next Monday 12th (unless of course I hear differently)

Rubber Bastards.

For all you Rubber lovers there is a Rubber Party coming up in which Mistress Imperia is very much involved. If you would like to
go along it will be held on Friday 16th November from 9.00pm till late. Tickets are $35.00 ea and are available at Maxxx Black,
Sax Fetish and online at


I was so pleased to session with someone today whom I have known for many, many years. Anyone remember "The FuFu" Room in
Victoria St. Potts Point? Well that is where we had our first session together.

Our session today (in the Masters Room - CBT, sexual/anal tease, light discipline) hasn't changed that much over the years however new toys, and the familiarity of a body whose reactions I can usually predict, makes for a great time with a guy of whom I am very fond.

We always chat about what we are both doing in our lives. I guess that is why it is disturbing when you think of someone
with whom you had great sessions, then contact ceases.

I do wonder on occasions, what ever happened to............

Good idea to include your name.

If I am to session with anyone I like to at least know your name (even if it isn't your real name) before I agree to engage in intimate activities with you in session. I am sure other Mistresses would feel the same.

I have someone who wants to see me whom I know as (not the address but a good example)

Sorry, but that just doesn't cut it for me.

Mistress Sophia visiting Sydney.

Attention all those interested in catching up with Mistress Sophia who will be in Sydney shortly for a few days.

I know there are many of you who have missed her so now is your chance to submit to her again in the Dungeon.

Mistress Sophia will be available for sessions from 12-6pm October 30 & 31st and November 1st and will take
appointments only on Tues & Wed evening.

Check her website for more information.

Surrendering Control.

I am often asked "Just how binding and complete can consensual slavery really be?"

My usual reply to this question is that it is an acceptance of a role you CHOOSE to live by, for a short period of time (such as in a session), or within a relationship whether that be in real life or cyberspace. For some people it is a learnt behaviour (as in slave training), for others it just comes naturally and is very much part of the individual's personality/psyche. People fall into the idea of slavery for a myriad of reasons, often from reading a book or article, and sometimes through the media when something fires their imagination.

Dominance, submission and slavery are not easy, and it certainly doesn't mean you are a weak characterless person if your natural tendency is to surrender your control.

Like any contract or relationship the success of the interaction depends totally on the commitment by both parties. If either party is not interested and just going through the motions - then it is not real. Consensual slavery is as binding and complete as the dedication that is put into it.

Mistress Orlarne - on a short break.

Mistress Orlarne is taking a break for a few days and will NOT be on roster again until Friday 26th and Saturday
27th October.

If you are wanting to have a session with Mistress Orlarne on her return I would suggest you make your booking

Have your Kinky Transsexual experience with Mistress Saphira.

If you have ever wondered just what it would be like having a sexual encounter with a TS, then now
is the time to let Mistress Saphira take you on a journey of Bondage, Discipline and/or kinky role play.

For a limited time only Mistress Saphira is offering her services for $385.00 for an hour. You will need
to describe your fantasy to her so as she can cater your session to suit her Promotion and your personal

Do email or phone 9549 5200 when she is on roster


Do come in and meet with Mistress Minette during her Personal Promotion. Nothing pleases her more than making a slave
gag on her strap on while she watches her slave's eyes water.

I was fortunate to see her in action with one of her Maid slaves recently, her style and ability was surprising as she has only
been with us a few months.

Whether you are new to the scene or someone with a lot of experience, I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you submit
and session with Mistress Minette.

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