Pleased to say Catalog now online - well, sort of.

After a couple of problems which have now been rectified you can now access the catalog.
I have had a few people ask me if you can bid before the auction - I believe you can do so
but best to check with Lawsons if in doubt.

Salon Kitty's Auction and the Lawson's Catalog.

I have been receiving many calls and emails regarding the SK auction and Lawson's catalog. Unfortunately there have been complaints
made about the content so all photos and information has been taken down just for the moment. I believe they are working on a
link that will be available most likely on Monday.

Unfortunately there are always people who will find what we do as "disgusting". I was amused during the period when we were
setting up the items. A middle aged couple came past, the female was obviously horrified when she saw the items and equipment.
The look I received from her was one of those looks I have become accustomed to over the years, however her husband had a huge grin on
his face and discreetly told me he would be back next week.

Some things just never change.

Replies to emails and other messages.

My sincere apologies - I have literally hundreds of emails, text and Facebook Messages etc. to reply to. I am afraid after
packing up SK's we then had to sort through a HUGE lot of equipment and clothing to get together for the auction next week.
Exhaustion set in over Easter - I will reply to everyone personally, please be patient as I have not forgotten you.

Former Mistresses from Salon Kitty's - where to find them.

I will endeavour to give contact details to you for former Mistresses when they supply them to me and give me permission
to pass on to you.

Former Salon Kitty's women will be gathering here.

At this stage Mistress Imperia has given me her details which are as follows:
Phone: 0404960387

Mistress Charlotte, Minette, Orlarn and Mistress Pearl and submissive Lucy are conducting their sessions at The Kastle at 131 Abercrombie St Chippendale.
Phone 9690 1150 or 9549 5200.

The beautiful Mistresses Tahlia and Eva have given me their details which are as follows:
Mistress Tahlia and her website address is

Mistress Eva

The House is empty - even Miss Kitty has gone to a new home.

How strange it is walking around the House at the moment. There is not even a piece of tissue paper or a condom packet on
the floor. Miss Kitty our House cat for 13 years has gone to her new home with an ex Mistress (Martina) who has kindly taken
her so she can continue to live the pampered lifestyle she has been accustomed to.

I have literally hundreds of emails to reply to - however exhaustion has set in so I will for a few days take it slow. We have
a huge amount of items that will be auctioned so I will keep you up to date with what some of these items are over the next
week or so.

Saying "good-bye" to favourite pieces.

I have found it quite amazing how attached one can become to a piece of equipment. Most BDSM devotees have a favourite
flogger, cane, paddle, or maybe an item of clothing. As we have been selling and packing different things I find I have a flash
of a memory, sometimes the fantasy session in which the piece was used, other times it is of the person with whom I
carried out the session, or a session I witnessed.
I am aware that some of my favourite pieces have gone to good homes before the Lawson auction and they will be able to
continue to give the pleasure (or pain) they have to so many, many people.

My new email address is:

The very last session in Cleveland St.

Is running as I write this. Today has been a very emotional day, women calling in to collect their things, most of the lockers have
been cleared, and the House very soon will be quiet. I am looking forward to walking through the rooms in a couple of hours, thinking
about various sessions I have been involved in, the many women who have walked through the doors, and of course, you, our amazing
wonderful clients who have kept us challenged with your fantasies for all these years. If these walls could speak!

At last my Gag will be removed.

I am so looking forward to be able to write in my blog without the constraints of politics. The relief from running the establishment will be immense. I have not been able to write or comment on various topics, many things go on behind the scenes which most of you would not be aware of. Yes, I am writing a book.

I will be happy to recommend a Mistress to you, I have thousands of comments from clients regarding various women and there are
quite a few whom I would highly recommend from my experience with them as a Pro Domme, as well as their attitude towards their work.
Sadly there are those whom I would not recommend to anyone.

The ladies are arranging an alternative work space, some will be going solo, watch this space for any information that may be of interest
to you.

SK Closing.....

I am humbled and overwhelmed by the messages we have been receiving regarding the closing of Salon Kitty's from all over
the world. This is a very emotional time for a lot of people. To answer a couple of questions that have been asked several times, no I am not ill and neither is my partner, the business has been going fine we just want to retire from the responsibility. As my brother said to me recently
"Sis, you need to have some time to smell the roses"

There is going to be a book, I will still be involved in the BDSM scene, I do have plans but want to have a break for a while.

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