Public Humiliation for Tony Abbott.

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to public humiliation (a request made by many if the BDSM scene and one that was very
popular at Salon Kitty's) politicians engage in this activity globally.

They are repeatedly humiliated, disparaged and ridiculed often in the most cruel and personal ways. I can imagine many of you saying that "it goes with the job" and admittedly one would have to agree.

However, I look at Tony Abbott today, our elected Prime Minister having to endure like so many before him a type of humiliation
that I am sure gives him no form of sexual or emotional gratification.

No matter what side of politics you barrack for being humiliated on the world stage must take some guts to smile through. Even if
it does come with the job it is something that most of us wouldn't want to bear.

Tough days ahead for Malcolm Turnbull, it will be interesting times ahead.....