A new BDSM Establishment will be opening in the near future.

I am so excited to announce that a new legal BDSM establishment will be opening in Sydney which I believe will be
modern and exciting and operated by an experienced woman whom many of you already know.

Not everyone wants to go to a "private" Mistress. I have to say there are women currently advertising on the internet
who applied to me for an apprentice position at Salon Kitty's whom I rejected. These ladies somehow in a matter of a
few weeks gain "years of experience" (and someone who can build a website for them). All of a sudden they appear
as "experienced" advertising themselves as having worked for years "privately".

Some of these ladies can be very dangerous. Anyone who turns up for an interview obviously under the influence of
"something" is not the type you want to take on as an apprentice let alone visit for a session.

I will give you more information about the new establishment as soon as I can.