The result of the auction.

I am pleased to say that most items that were sent to the auction sold. Lawson's were very
efficient and we were very happy with the job they did.
I am sorry a few of the pieces that were meant to be "put aside" for individuals were cataloged
early in the piece. We actually did sell the majority of the larger equipment to a few of the women and
Conrad prior to the auction.

I’ve got to say I was really quite shocked at how much some items went for while others went for
a song - but then that is what an auction is all about. I just hope everyone got what they wanted.

I didn’t attend myself however I knew a lot of people who did go along and I was very surprised when
they reported to me the sheer joy and excitement some people showed when they were the highest bidder.
One person told me “you would think she won the lottery the way she reacted, just shows how much
Salon Kitty’s was admired” - I thought that was really quite sweet. :)

I’m still replying to messages and emails, and as I mentioned previously am very
humbled by your amazing comments. I will be taking a break in a couple of weeks
and not taking on any new clients till the end of my break (exact date not known) Hopefully I will have
my new website up then as well.