Catalogue is now available for bidding.

First of all my new email address is:

We regret the delay in being able to give you the url below - unfortunately as I said previously, there were complaints
about the content of the auction by some people hence a delay in getting up the catalogue for online bidding.

I have had heaps of questions regarding what is available and who it would suit. If you are a budding Dominatrix
and setting up your own dungeon there are used and new items that should interest you. There are heaps of "fantasy
sex" uniforms and attire, lots of XD clothing, particularly boots and shoes in large sizes, latex wear for men and women
as well as a huge range of corsets in all sizes. There are new and used CBT toys, at least 4 chastity devices new in their
box plus lots of discipline equipment, sex toys, strap on harnesses, a couple of violet wands, a sounds set, enema and
medical equipment (including fleets). There were some items we had to withdraw (because of prudish attitudes)
however most lots have been arranged so as there is a variety of items in each lot.

There are a few large pieces and a couple of sets of a block and tackle for suspension but these items would be best
viewed on site.

Anyway, if you are interested check out the catalogue. I am hoping that there will be heaps of bargains for Pro's and amateurs
in the BDSM scene. Our main wish is that the items will continue to give pleasure and pain to all who use them.

You can click here for catalogue and bidding

If you find you need to ask a question regarding any of the items you can phone David on 0418 280846. Leave a message if
unattended and we will get back to you.