Mistress Movements for Christmas and New Year.

The following are the dates some of the Mistresses will be available or absent over the Christmas/New Year Period.
Remember we close on Christmas Day and New Years Day and early evening on 24th Dec. and 31st Dec.

Saskia will be available for her usual Saturday shifts as well as bookings by apt. on Wednesdays 27th Dec, 2nd Jan, 9th Jan.
Aleksa will be absent from 3rd till 13th of January.
Eva’s last shift is 18th Dec. she will be returning on 29th December.
Lucida is away from 5th Dec returning 15th Jan.
Mico’s last shift 21st Dec. returning on 7th Jan.
Royale will be returning early Feb no exact date as yet.
Saphira will be absent from Fri the 28th till the 12th of Jan
Tahlia’s last shift will be 27th Dec. - she will return on 3rd Jan
Zila's last shift was 18th Dec she will return on 6th January.