Surrendering Control.

I am often asked "Just how binding and complete can consensual slavery really be?"

My usual reply to this question is that it is an acceptance of a role you CHOOSE to live by, for a short period of time (such as in a session), or within a relationship whether that be in real life or cyberspace. For some people it is a learnt behaviour (as in slave training), for others it just comes naturally and is very much part of the individual's personality/psyche. People fall into the idea of slavery for a myriad of reasons, often from reading a book or article, and sometimes through the media when something fires their imagination.

Dominance, submission and slavery are not easy, and it certainly doesn't mean you are a weak characterless person if your natural tendency is to surrender your control.

Like any contract or relationship the success of the interaction depends totally on the commitment by both parties. If either party is not interested and just going through the motions - then it is not real. Consensual slavery is as binding and complete as the dedication that is put into it.