Session With Slave KC

My slaves know I favour sessions which are intellectually challenging and include activities which are strongly sexually oriented and charged, including relentless and malicious sexual teasing!

To add an edge to your session I like to include groups of females, (particularly the new apprentices and receptionists if appropriate) to actively participate and join me to enjoy seeing you being physically and sexually humiliated.

This is a session I conducted recently with a strong 'Humiliation' theme, including forced feminisation, going out in public, toilet slavery, and body worship.

The Guessing Game.
The slave was presented with a tray of golden showers which had been donated by various Mistresses and myself. He was told to guess which Mistress supplied the urine in each glass. If he failed this task there would be consequences. KC's wine list
KC must choose He failed......miserably.

Naturally the slave would be punished for not being able to guess which glass contained my golden wine. Surely this was a simple task that any slave should be able to complete!

I will let you guess what his punishment may have been.

He might have been made to suffer

* dog training
* public humiliation together with public exhibitionism
* being frequently used as a public squat toilet for myself, the other Mistresses,
and receptionists and being placed in embarrassing positions during this activity
* being fucked/sucking cock in public in the Mistress staff room
* public anal penetration
* face slapping, spit swallowing
* discipline
* electric torture
* orgasm denial throughout the rest of the session,
* public whipping with numerous ladies whipping him at the one time

After inserting a vibrating butt plug I dressed him in a female body suit and marched him from the Main Dungeon downstairs where he was told to present himself to the rest of the women of The House. Showing off my tassles!
KC amuses Us I must say the Mistresses and receptionist were most amused at his antics and ability on our 'slave exerciser'.
After entertaining us for a while I instructed the slave to return to the Dungeon where he was to undergo some intense training in body worship and instructed on how to use his tongue to give a female ultimate sexual pleasure. KC learns to please

I will let you guess here just how good this particular slave was at this activity!

If you are interested in a similar session with me personally or you may prefer some variations to this, feel free to contact me to discuss session ideas. If you have a particular budget I can let you know what parts of this session could be included in yours.



this session sounds hot!, i love humiliation

Wrestling Sessions

hello Amanda,

Which Mistresses specialise in erotic wrestling? Is there going to be a multiple apprentice session concentrating on allowing the apprentices to practice wrestling on a hapless slave?

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