For Ladies Only on Friday Evenings - Duet Sessions: Master/Mistress/Switch.

Ladies Only.
Duet Sessions: Master/Mistress/Switch.
Domination/Submission, Fetish/Fantasy.

Women are often afraid to reveal or share their interest in BDSM. This can
be for a number of reasons. It may be because they fear the dangers that
can be involved when meeting with and engaging in BDSM activities with
total strangers. Or it can be they are very shy, nervous and self
conscious or they may fear family, friends or work colleagues discovering
this very private side of their personality.

For this reason Master Conrad together with his switch partner Belle are
happy to invite interested ladies to explore their Dominant or submissive
Fantasies in a legal, hygienic, safe and caring environment.

If you are a female of legal age who has a genuine interest in exploring a
Sexual Fetish or Fantasy or would like to experiment with Domination or
submission with two very sincere BDSM enthusiasts please phone me
on 0418 280846. We can then take the first steps to organizing a very
special Introduction, Fantasy or BDSM experience for you.