Themed Event - more slaves suggestions.

The following is from slave fred.

Themed events.
This sounds much like a controlled Mistress party (from the good 'ole days) About time !! :-)

About the only trouble with those parties was that too many wannabees just stood
around fully clothed apart from that, they were fabulous.

Perhaps a mandatory rule is that ALL males must be naked (put their clothes in a bag
just like before) and MUST submit to EVERY female. Maybe have a card around their neck with

Any true slave will submit to and obey EVERY Domme so if they book then that's the
rules. It's a humiliation night so expect humiliation or don't come. That should cut out
any pretenders. It could be a permanent Saturday night event or maybe there's a 'quiet night'.
They'd still come. I would.

My idea of a public humiliation at these parties would be to be publicly thrashed
and then ordered by a Mistress to be the house cock sucker--but in the main public room in front of and
by every male there.
Crawl up to every male and beg to...
Mistress Saskia was the only one who did this to me. Thank the powers that she's returning.
Do you think she'd marry me ?

AND............The following suggestion is from slave don.

"slave auction. 'Each slave must pay to be part of the auction and must write down why the Mistresses should bid for
him. There is an auctioneer and slaves are brought before the Mistresses in just a slave hood. Mistresses bid with a predetermined
amount of monopoly money they are given. When the Mistress wins her bid for her slave she makes use of slave for a
discounted session as arranged between slave and Mistress.