What does a Forced Bi Themed event consist of?

I was asked this question recently.

Being forced to suck cock is a popular fantasy. Some sub males like to be fucked up the arse as well.
It is called forced bi because you are being forced to do so by a Mistress for her amusement, pleasure and entertainment.
A Forced Bi Event can involve "cock sucking" training and "anal strap-on" training. You could be dressed as a slut while told in
detail what will happen to you when you are made to suck cock for real.
You may be restrained, grabbed by the hair or ears, while the man’s cock is forced into your mouth. Some slaves may be forced to suck a Transsexuals cock who is dressed in sexy attire, or you may be turned into a slut and dressed in slutty outfits. You might be forced to wear a tight corset and a short mini skirt revealing your sexy panties.
Depending on the occasion and the Mistresses wishes some men stay as men and are forced to suck cock without changing role.