Themed Event Suggestions so far.

I thought some of you might be interested in the suggestions I have had put to me if we were to run a Themed Event in the
near future.

1) A "forced bi" themed event, a cross dressing event or similar. 

2) A tea party for the Mistresses with some subs being used as furniture, others possibly as toilets while some would be dressed as
maids to serve the Mistresses and clean up afterwards.

3) A Latex event where all slaves and Mistresses wore Latex.

4) An event where amateur Mistresses and their slaves could strut there stuff, meet other like minded people with NO PRESSURE
to perform in public.

5) A Humiliation scene where slaves are humiliated by more than one Mistress, in a public area witnessed by other slaves as well.

Feel free to add your ideas or suggestions.