Respect in a Domme/sub relationship.

Something I have noticed during my Training Sessions with Couples is that there is often a lack of respect for a partner.

Just recently I met a male submissive who preferred to dictate the entire script for his ideal Domme/sub encounter with the expectation that his Domme partner (who is very inexperienced) will gain sexual pleasure strictly from serving his desire to submit (only in
the manner he wants, giving her no room to explore herself)

During an interview with the couple the male said to me in front of her "She just doesn’t do it for me, she doesn't turn me on, she is a hopeless Domme, I hope you can do something with her"

I find it difficult to be polite to anyone who treats their partner with such disrespect. This guy behaved in a way that showed he had zero respect for his partners feelings.

Insensitive jerks rarely make good boyfriends or submissive partners.