Fantasy meeting Reality.

I would be able to retire if I had one dollar for the number of times I have received the following request
over the last 27 years. The fact is NO ONE ever presents themselves for this FANTASY yet the requests
keep on coming. It is more realistic to settle on seeing a Mistress (or more) and receptionists (who
are interested) for this style of session - and 24 hours?

"Is there anyway that I could be used as a full toilet(scat,pee and toilet paper) for
a full 24 hours by pretty much anyone that needs to go...male or female and be
made to give oral sex to both male and female and made to clean other toilets with my
mouth while being laughed at and made fun off...if not could u tell me if anything
kinda the same that could be done. If this is the wrong place to ask may u point me
in the right direction."