Would you like to attend a "Themed" Event at Salon Kitty's?

Our Photo Shoot went very well, you will see the results shortly on the SK website.

As for the group Humiliation scene with the Mistresses after the shoot, we had
so many slaves interested we unfortunately couldn't find a space for everyone, as
usual too many people left it too late to book.

With that said, it was suggested to me by one of our regular visitors that we hold a
"Humiliation" event on a Saturday evening, giving all who might want to attend a little
more notice to book.

So, if you would like to attend something like this please email me with your particular
interests and I will see what we can arrange. I would not see this happening until early June.

If there are any other "Themed" events you would like to be involved in do let me know. I
am happy to put you on a mailing list of future events.