Volunteers take note please.

It takes a few shifts for me to know if the new women are going to work out and for them to tell me what they actually need to practice.

Many women who apply for a position at SK's often think because they have experienced a variety of activities in their private lives and have played at Hellfire that they are competent to train as a Pro Domme. It isn't until they actually get into session with a Mistress and a client (a total stranger to them) that they realise the difference between an amateur and a Professional and WHY we charge for our services.

I will be contacting ALL our volunteers for training sessions for at least 2 of our new women who will be wanting
to practice next week.

I am still interviewing people but unbeknown to most of you the number who don't work out (or leave after their
first shift or don't turn up at all) is greater than those who stay.

Obviously, being a Pro Domme is not as easy as many people think.