Education, Mistress/Master Training, Singles and Couples.

First of all I am sorry to say that the premises in which I have been working in Glebe on Saturday nights for the last couple of years
for Training are being sold and redeveloped. I will now be carrying out my Training sessions at Salon Kitty's by appointment.
You can email me for more information re Training packages, or individual tuition etc.
On a final note, thanks to Karen, Peter and Tiff for the assistance and support during our time together. I will miss you!

I will be in at SK's tonight with a young lesbian couple who are celebrating a Birthday - there has been much planning going
into this training session, the submissive is giving the Domme a very special gift. I am looking forward to meeting and guiding
them this evening.

I am pleased to see couples of all different types. Same sex, heterosexual, D/s and sub sub couples.
Anyway, if you are interested in BDSM but don't quite know where to start?
Maybe your wife/partner has an interest and you'd like to know a bit more about it and get some practical experience?
Perhaps you are a single male or female who would like someone to guide you through a selection of activities?

If you are interested I do offer PRIVATE personalized training sessions for males and females as part of my overall service and
take great care and pleasure in designing sessions for couples. Watching people's ideas and fantasies being played out
and seeing their response can be exciting and rewarding.

I might add here that I am often asked "what is the right way for me to behave as a Master/Mistress? What you need to
remember is that apart from some common sense safety rules and respecting your partners wishes there is no right or wrong way to
behave. The only people who make the rules are the people involved in the scene/relationship. Sure there are right or wrong ways to
engage in specific activities but one can learn techniques with time and practice.