About humiliation play - and an example.

Humiliation of some form or another is a common request at Salon Kitty's, and one of my very favourite styles of session. I look for abasement of self in a way that demonstrates genuine submission, and also shows true emotions and feelings.

I have found that submissive's reactions to humiliation vary widely. Of course a lot depends on ones personal interpretation of humiliation, what is humiliating for one person may not even raise an eyebrow for another.

I will stress that even those who enjoy the experience of humiliation at the time can still find these scenes very dangerous and damaging in the longer term. When I use the term humiliation I mean one thing: Safe, Sane, Consensual Humiliation Play. I am not talking about denigrating someone to the point where their self respect is seriously damaged, I am referring to a part of our BDSM lifestyle, where someone gets put in their place and severely humbled or sexually humiliated.

I have personally met hundreds of slaves who engage in seriously heavy humiliation scenes and process the experience in a way they enjoy in the context of consensual fetish play but also derive substantial benefit and pleasure from being exposed to it. This occurs not only from arousal during play itself but from the emotional catharsis they feel long after the session has ended. This is a critical part of a complete humiliation experience, you should be able to bring it to mind and relive it or replay it in your mind over and over again.

The following are a few of the most common humiliation scenes requested by slaves who visit Salon Kitty's.

Activities which include, orgasm denial throughout session, public anal penetration, public whipping (numerous ladies whipping me at the one time) and to finish made to perform sexually on a lady in public (as many ladies present at once) public humiliation. public exhibitionism, being fucked/sucking cock in public(if possible in the Mistress staff room) used as a slave for whatever, or in a session with another client, masturbation in public.

To be a human ashtray or piece of furniture, to be placed in your human coffee table in your waiting room and the piece being used while I am enclosed in it or have the Mistresses / receptionists sitting on my face and using me as a chair.

To be used as a portable toilet especially outside for all to see. To be made to drink every last drop of all the Mistresses 'champagne' (urine). I would love to be used after any of the ladies have made love and I would be made to lick her clean immediately after she was finished, this would of course include her Master or lover.

I would love to have my cock used as your own candle stick. This would entail having a Birthday candle pushed down the head of my cock then hot wax dripped on it so that it would not slide out and it will stay in place. It would be up to my Mistress as to whether the candle is blown out before it burns the head of my cock or not.

I am interested in performing degradation, such as grovelling, begging, being humiliated before 2 or 3 dominant Mistresses as well as the new apprentices. I would wear nothing more that a leather collar, a pair of ultra-feminine, full cut, frilly lace panties and an apron. I would start on my knees providing body worship while being slapped around and verbally humiliated. The humiliation would involve panty worship. As the session progresses, I would find myself on my back on a bondage table, legs parted and hoisted to the ceiling while my bottom is attended to with hand and paddle. My face would be at a level where the ladies could easily straddle me or smother me whichever way I turn.

I would like to have a dog collar and leash placed on me as soon as I arrive. You would then meet me and walk me through the house, verbally humiliating me as you go. I would love to be "forced" to worship a Mistress or Mistresses bottoms.

I would love to be taken in both the backside and the mouth with strap on dildo's and I would love to be taken in both the backside and the mouth with strap on dildo's and have a Mistress eat a banana and spit it onto the floor, and force me to lick it up "like a good puppy".

Being forced to masturbate VERY slowly in public while Mistresses / Receptionists laugh at me and the size of my pathetically small penis while my nipples are pinched and I am teased mercilessly. I am punished if I have an erection.

Being locked into the toilet training device, with Mistresses peeing into my mouth. I will be forced to clean them with my tongue afterwards and thank them.

At the end of the session I will be forced to eat my own cum


ass slave

i would like to eat some shit , drink some piss ,lick & clean dirty asses but only white asses and pink pussies

Toilet slave wannabe

I would like to try consuming a beautiful mistress's excrement. How does one hook up with one? I am in Illinois U.S.A.

Shit eater

My toilet mouth is wide open, my tounge is long and out I am starving to serve any mistress. Please stop using cold toilet seat it is winter I AM HERE!
obedient toilet. Malithunya.


I am from Russia.
Good salon ... happy to be visited. :)


several weeks ago my sister in law Selina caught me masturbating whole watching porn on the computer.

Selina is in her late 30's and is very fit and muscular especialy in the thighs and but... I have to admit I envy my brother and have on several ocasions masturbated in the bathroom while Jeff and Selina sat drinking wine in the living room while I fantasized about licking Selina to ORGASM after ORGASM..........
Once whe she came over to borrow some camping stuff I wanked myself to 4 orgasm in an hour as I made her bend over to load the equipment into her car....
The last time I came I could not help but gasp at the intense pleasure and Selina came in to the bayhroom just as I was pulling my jeans up and looked strait at my bulging crotch and smiled said nothing but wigled he arse and spread her iner thighs giving me a glimps of her parted pussy lips, just as I was about to get my cock out again and wank it she suddenly turneds and smiled and said naughty naughty boy Ken caught you again!!! Selina giggled and turned away wiggling her arse even more.
Again I thought fuck what has she seen...........

The next time Selina visited alone................
I was as usual horny as hel and hard and ready to wank to my first orgasm as I watched her walk up the drive...........
To my suprise she didnt knok on ythe door so I started wanking so I would cum in my pants when I open the doorand saw her.
I hade forgotten I had left the back door open and was in the middle of an intense orgasm when I senced someone standing in the doorway, it was to late to cover up and I climaxed and herd her giggling....
I tried to cover up but she walked over and pointed at the bulge in my shorts and said come on, keep wanking I was watching the whole time! I saw you cum and fuck you sure have intense orgasms nothing like the weak arse climaxes your brother has! Bill harley cum's once, you Ken fuck I have been watching... HOW MANY TIMES IN AROW CAN YOU CUM!!!!
Tell me she said do you always shoot that much cum? I have only seen one other guy cum so much.....
Tell you what if you let me frig while you wank and IF and I STATE IF?? I CUM!!! If You can masturbate and cum twice for me I will let you lick me anfd fuck me till I cum as many time as you can in a day!
What do you say??
I see your cock says yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck how do you stay so fucking hard?
I will let you shoot your load on my bare tits now ...

I was dumbstruck............
My cock was pointing strait at her tits and she said I take that as a YES Ken...........
I started wanking again and to my delight she lifted her blouse and unzipped her jeans dropping them to her knee's and puled her knickers aside exposing her clean shaved pussy.
I was so almost came at the sight.............
Selina my sister in law smiled spread her pussy lips and moaned as the pre cum ouzzed from my throbbing cock!!!!
Forgetting the computer porn my eyes were fixed on her fingers as she worked her clit to a huge erection and her hips bucked and her thighs tensed as she climaxed and I stood up and pushed her back onto the dinning table her glistening cunt and hard clit still pulsing from her first orgasm!
I grabed Selina by the thigh and pulled her sweet wet clit to my mouth and thust my toung into her as she climaxed......

The taste of her cum . and the softness of her pussy made me hard yet again.....................



I have a fantasy about watching ladies masturbate while they are unaware they are being watched.

I love to call them and help them cum over and over while they think they are safe and discrete then let them find out the truth ......


changing the thought of desire from you dick to your nipples

serving a Goddess these past months has been an eye opener.as all subs and slaves know the first thing done to us is to give our mind body and souls to our new owners.i am owned by a Goddess and each day i sucome to new forms of submision for Her.She is too busy to have a slave 24/7 under her feet,but has many ways to keep Her property safe and in constant reminder of WHO owns who.all Her slaves are kept in chastity as i am,some of my fellow slaves before they became Hers boasted of being well hung and others who are of average size makes no difference as we are now held under lock and key for Her.Goddess is a sensual sadist and loves to find different ways for Her slaves to suffer when they are not below Her feet....Goddess has used all the CB's on the market and that birdcage device.for i She has fitted Her slave with a Kalis tooth braclet and it is worn 24/7.She has sourced a good supplier who has three types which She can use.
Goddess has locked slave 10 (i) into a medium one which is for beginners but by no means easy on pain..the spikes are not as long as the intence version which has twice as many spikes and there closer together and of course the extreme one which is said to be used for punishment and should only be worn for short period of time or by those who have a strong hig pain threshold..one slave wears this for Her,but Her goal is for all her stable to wear them.
slave 10 loves this device over all the other chastity devices because it has two uses.one it allows a semi erections..but the teeth bite into the flesh and one tries their best to loose the erection..Goddess loves watching Her slaves becoming erect for Her and at the same time suffer in silence as the teeth cut into Her slaves cocks,however as our cocks are now Hers she loves to inflct pain on them as much as possible.Goddess has decided to turn all Her slaves nipples into highly sensitive eroginous torture zones...She has wonderful long nails (real) always painted black and loves to squeeze,twist,pull,pinch and torture nipples She owns.Goddess is not fond of piercings and instructs slave who are pierced to remove them,especially form the nipples.Goddess declares that in some women,nipples are connected to the clitoris via the mind,so we are all now going to have female sized nipples and be trained to associate pleasure with pain through nipple torture and to become aroused from torture to Her cock which will no loger be used like it was before we became Her's.
Goddess has noted that slave 10's nipples do this just right and has begun nipple pumping theraphy.he is pumped every morning for 30 mins with a kit supplied by Goddess.he does this while connect to Goddesses web cam so She knows Her instructions are being fulfilled,this is carried out three times a day.every 4th day slave 10 call to his Goddesses dungeon for further nipple pumping and some CP sessions for both good behavour.Goddess is a smoker and all Her slaves must be smokers,but we are not allowed to smoke when we are not with Her so our cravings for smoke are at their highest when we submit to her.slave 10 is her latest expriment in control.he has undergown acupunture to wean him off his cigarettes and yet has also undergown some hypnotheraphy from one of Goddesses fellow Mistresses to plant "hint words" to associate with smoke and to desire smoke and be fed smoke all from Goddess.it is an odd sensation having no desire to smoke,but as soon as i enter her dungeon or if She decide to meet for lunch or shopping slave 10's craving for Goddess smoke comes up.Goddess is kind as She does make sure slave 10 is supplied with lots of forced smoking and She loves to feed Her second hand smoke into the lungs of Her slaves so that the connection between Her as a Giver is always maintained and yet knows without Her withdrawls are just as bad as not being given a good whipping which we have been trained to love.Goddess will allow some herbs to send slaves into higher levels of submission.before slave 10 became her property he was no able for CP but know seems to enjoy being caned or whipped by his Owner,he once heard that it is a way a Dominatrix expresses Her love for Her slave by the level of pain and suffering he can take under Her power slave 10 does love his Goddess but oddly not in the way he used to as a man loves a woman.he has accepted that he will become a complete dog or slut for her and feed from Her what ever She chooses to give him..the journey continues....

toilet slave

how i wish that i could eat vitoria beckhams or maria sharpovas shit.rajeevkuttannair@hotmail.com

I know its to each is own

I know its to each is own but thank about it eating shit is poison to your system that why doctor call it waste and could harm your health. but dont let me stop you eat drink and be merry.

Goddess Fart Food

trained by a wonderful Goddess.....i am her personal fart inhaler, to name but one of the many humilating yet addictive chores i am expected to do.She is a beautiful Goddess and these things i do willing as it normal as part of my submission to Her.
we are both smokers,as a result of some heavy rituals which my Goddess insisted on....in this life style things which are bad become good and smoke worship is sacred to us as a result.Goddess enjoys keeping her slave in subduded animation with the daily application of sacred smoke,different levels of potency depending on what She wants to do with her slave. i am restrained in heavy bondage every night,and her smoking gas mask is put on my head,always a small one as it sits tight without chance of any air entering except the feeding tube.
Goddess enjoys her sacred smoke and always forces both her second hand smoke as well as fresh smoke into the submissive lungs of her devoted slave.so he goes into deep thinking mode,dreaming of Goddess who allows him the great privilage on sleeping by her side,She had her slaves cock pierced when we met first and now the prince albert ring is replaced with a princes wand.....
Goddess loves to consume gassy foods in the evening,never telling what she consumes in order to keep her personal fart sniffer guessing...
each morning,which this happens upon awaking,Goddess likes to smoke her king edward n0.5 as Her lungs also acustomed to smoke are subduded by sacred smoke the night before ..forces coupios amount of heavy smoke into the tube clouding my mind,even before i was her slave,i do not think i have seen a woman hoover a cigar like this as fast xxxx ...My dear slave Goddess has the most wonder fart gas for you this morning to mix with your cigar filled lungs,slipping from the bed She pulls on her special fart feeding pants(tight rubber bermudas with a special adapter to screw the feeding tube onto...time for fart feeding xxx

something different

i am a master dom looking for a different experience.. i want to sub to a girl with no sexual taboos morals or standards for once..

ass licking

i want to a beautifull ass of any young and cute girl

forced submission to smoking with poppers

i once knew a sub who became a slave to a powerful Dominatrix,In his eyes She was the most beautiful Women he had ever laid eyes on.
he attended Her s/m workshops and many of her one on one sessions.She asked him if he would like to try advanced forms of forced submission..his goal to be Her slave and serve Her in means only Her active imagination could take...he struck by Her beauty could not refuse and so his journey began.
She loved to smoke and wanted Her new pet to be a smoker too,he smoked mild cigerettes,but She loved strong ones and was going to make him submit to Her smoke and make him surrender to heavy smoking rituals and to be Her smoke slave.
The early parts of his new life as Her sub,She asked him to moved into Her chambers so he would be at Her beck and call,when She wanted him for Her pleasure,he was in a low paid job so he finished this and moved in.
No more mild cigarettes for you slave,from this day on you will crave the desire for smoke in your lungs,I am going to make you worship smoke and think about it for the rest of the time you serve Me.You will smoke when I tell you,if you desire a smoke you will ask Me first and only smoke the brands I tell you to buy for Me or the brands I tell you to get for yourself.What do you say to that ?he just said yes Mistress You are the one to follow,i follow Your choices for now on,i hope i can live to your high standards and not falter in the ways You have planned for me to serve You.....Fear not you will not falter slave as there are many ways to submit your lungs to wonderful smoke....
Every morning I will place 20 of your mild brand,but for every one of yours You will smoke two of the strong brand I set out for you.I will expect you to smoke all of yours and at least half of the amount I set for you.there is no point in breaking you in slowly She said as i have many plans which I want in place within two months.
The first two days were ok but he began not to meet his quota and his Mistress was not impressed to say the least.It seems you are not keeping to my scedual so I will have to change your intake.no more of these silly mild ones,you will smoke brands which contain at least 9 or 10 mg of nicotine and .9 tar I want your lungs to feel the smoky food you will now feed them.Much to his dismay he now had to smoke as soon as he woke in the morning,making the morning coffee,and what ever chore s She laid out for him to do.by the time the first month in Her service,he had gone from 20 mild cigarettes a day to 40plus strong ones.his Mistress loved to smoke and smoked a minimum of 40 a day Herself,She instructed him never to open any windows in the house so that the heavy smokey fog was ever present and that everything in the chamber would smell of smoke.
One day She decided to have an extra smokie afternoon alone with him...How many do you smoke now slave She asked ..Mistress i Your slave are on 55 a day...Good she said that is a nice quota for now..You are lucky I have slaves who bring plenty of cigarettes to feed you.
Your Mistress in her public life is in a cigarette company so there is an endless supply...
Tomorrow is a special day as I plan for you to smoke 100 for me and you will consume the second hand smoke of the 50 I will get through.
how can that be done Mistress he was silly to ask...Dont you worry slave you will achieve that no problem.
The special lesson of the day is forced smoking with poppers...your lungs will become slaves to the vapours of submission..with that your lesson really begin.............

shit slave

my name is not important,but i used to serve an erotic sadistic Dominatrix.
one of her slaves wanted her to shit in his mouth,he kept pestering her for this.however he was not expecting what happened to him.
we were in the city before his session took place.Mistress instructed me to go to the local burger joint and each 3 big mac with plenty of chocolate milkshakes.when we got home we both ate two tins of baked beans,brussel sprouts and her favourite lentil soup..She said her shit slave was really going to eat shit tonight and that i was to help her.i am a straight sub,but the thoughts of getting involved in shit play was a turn on especially when i was to help shit on a fellow sub to Mistress xxx
She decided that in order to make me nice and watery she instructed me to stick 4 tynanol sized glycren pills in my ass as it make you shit like crazy.
Mistress put three inside Herself for the joy and fun of it.poor slave..she said laughing out loud.
as the evening wore on Mistress had me insert the capsules and stuffed an inflatable butt plug inside to hold the liquid food inside,gosh my inside felt bloated but for a reason.
In order to make me relaxed and not feel the disconfort we smoked some sacred smoke and Mistress administered plenty of her favourite poppers into my now lazy lungs,i felt my butt muscles relax but the glorious fluid could not come out because of the plug.
when her shit slave was done being a good slave to Her She brought him into the toilet and got him to lay on his back in the bath and securing him so he could not move when i was brought in.
when She brought me in she tols shit slave all his dinner wishes were to come true..but he soon relised what was in store for him.he protested for all he was worth,but Mistress just stood and smiled and laughed.he kept protesting so Mistress stood into the bath and began to dance on his flacid male thing until he became aroused.
"on with the hood of knowledge " She said putting on a small tight gas mask..time for you to drift and dream of dinner..My other slave(me) has been fed to bursting point his ass is full of shit just for you and blew kisses upon him xxx slave extra portions of poppers to quell the rejection.
5 cotton pads soaked in poppers were put into the filter and screwed onto the tubes,the slaves head chest and tummy all going red as the gas went into the blood stream.after 30 seconds of constant feeding,Mistress whipped the mask off and put those surgical mouth clamps which dentist use and open his mouth to the fullest it would go.
Now My slave here come what you have begged me for.
Mistress put fresh wad of cotten wool in the filter and put the mask on me to breath and loosen me up..as my chest pounded,she deflated the butt plug with me and began to whip my buttocks with her spiked mitten leaving deep red pin marks in my flesh..push hard slave feed the shit slave his dinner,the contents came out like a gyser straight into the mouth and face of the shit slave,when i was empty..Mistress said dessert and emptied herself on him as well..thank god i was out of my head on poppers as the stench of shit was un real...when cleaned out and let go,on his journey Mistress had a surprise for me...being a good slave you can now worship my ass and clean it off..who had the last laugh..Mistress did shit slave and alpha slave went to bed with shit on our minds..Thank you Mistress i love you xxx


hey can u shit in my mouth plz i would love it

toilet slave

I dream of being a toilet slave to a black mistress, eating her shit and drinking her piss, then being made to serve her sister and her girlfriends. Always in my dream the mistresses are black and when not being used as their toilet I serve as a doormat licking their dirty boots clean. Other duties include being ash tray, spitoon, or taking farts in my mouth without letting smell escape.

I long for my dream to come true

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