What interests you most on this site?


Why are there no Male submissives for us girls?

Why are there no Male submissives for us girls?. . . .

Is this not the 21st century ?

I have been looking for a while for a mistress

If you are you looking or know some one who is looking for a sub or a slave let me know. Thank you your help is appreciated.

male submissives

Why theres plenty of us male submissives out there looking for a strong woman, just cant find any im afraid

Add a section Males Slaves for Hire

I'm sure if their was a section on the website for male slaves to vpost you would be inundated....

submissive males

I would be keen to give it a go. Steve

Age restriction

I havn't found on the site where it says how old I have to be as a client at salon kittys. I'm 17. is that too young?

Actually it is mentioned on

Actually it is mentioned on the website that in our jurisdiction you need to be 18 years of age to be able to visit us.


I would like to see moree description of ladies services they offer, eg. Sex, anal etc


i would like to know huw independent the submissives r
afew years ago they were controlled by receptionists
from experience one was not always told the truth
having spent a lot of time at SALON KITTYS most of very enjoyable iam interested to see some old names
the best of all was yourself!
do u still do sub sessions?that would lure meback
or if SALLY was there
regards peter

New Mistresses

I would like to see a few strong mistresses brought in for wrestling and fighting sessions (mistress vivika is great but a little chubby). I would to c variety like you c in the united states. eg: 1 mistress who is built and lifts weights, 1 mistress who is a black belt or does kick boxing and can show off her skills kicks punches etc, 1 mistress who can wrestle really well and pin a guy with ease. You get the picture. I also love a mistress who can taunt her opponent and Im sure others will agree with me.

Mistress Helga

just wish to say what a woderful experience i had at Your establishment under the guidance of Mistress Helga.absolute fullfillment yet yearning for more of the service that Mistress Helga provided.will definetly by making the trip from perth to see Her again .thanks Mistress Amanda for running salon Kittys which enabled me to have this experience.


Where is Mistress Arna ?

Please bring back Mistress Arna ! She is an excellent mistress.



Thanks, for the good articles...I am very interested in visiting your
house of bondage and fantasy. You put a lot more work into your
website than other places, it is always changing, one complaint, I would
like to see even more.

Less advertising. you are

Less advertising. you are pushing things so hard you are looking desperate. Business must be slow. A few times lately you have advertised the same Mistress 2 or 3 times on one page. Are they too lazy to promote themselves? It says on the website that they are independant, in what way? I liked the other journal where you had some opinions better. This one is just one big commercial and sugary self promotion. It's a turnoff.


Would love to see more photos of Salon Kitty, especially the backyard area with the wading pool.
Also, photos of the receptionists would be great.

Mistress Cassandra

Bring back Mistress Cassandra !!!

Mistress Cassandra

Couldn't agree more.
She is one of the most talented Mistress of this era.

A Difficult Choice

All the items are what makes Salon Kitty'e great and they are just as important as eachother.

"What interests you most on

"What interests you most on this site?"

Regular updates!! :) :) :)

puppy play

any chance a small subject on role playing of animals?
i'm a good german shepard and i'd like to hear from others? i'm so alone here in Brisbane! i go to BDSM clubs in my best german shepard outfit. (20 hole doc's, black leather pants, black leather vest and a dog hood.) and i seem to feel left out in a room of sub's and Doms. my Owner feels the same.
a faithful dog

i like to know about the Mistresses

i enjoy Mistress' choice sessions, so that i can experience the individual Dominance of the Mistress. i am not silly, i know that They are in business and will all do a wide range of activities and most will switch, so i could be selfish and just choose the prettiest one and dictate what i want! However, if i get to know what They really enjoy personally i can choose a Mistress who is likely to choose to do things that i also enjoy.

Therefore i enjoy reading the profiles and interesting sessions, in the genuine desire to research a Mistress that i will have the greatest connections with. Hopefully the Mistress will leave the session with me loving the business that She is in.

i should also just add that this has worked for me. i have enjoyed every session i have had at SKs. i have memories that i wil never forget. i have experienced things i would never have thought to ask for.

i second the idea of an

i second the idea of an online forum for SK's clients and special friends.

P.s. What about nudey pics? Can we have nudey pics? Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. can we, can we.


I would like to see them all, a online forum i think would be cool also, a place were subs and doms can interact.

Mistresses fantasies and expectations

I would like to hear more from the ladies themselves. Whilst I am under no illusions about the hard work involved in being a mistress, as a submissive, I find it very satisfying to know that a mistress is enjoying the session and not just going through the motions. What are some of the issues that attract a woman to a career as a pro domme; her own fantasies, expectations and erotic drivers.

Slave keyred

Exchange program. BDSM film agency

Dear Mistress Amanda
I would like to see Mistresses from overseas on a more regular basis.
I don't get to travel as much as I have done in the past.
I was thinking along the lines of an exchange program where you could swap Mistresses or even apprentices from around the world.
It would be beneficial to Aussie Mistresses going abroad and visa versa.
It would be great fun I'm sure, if you could pull it off.
Also I am interested in making BDSM flims.
It would be handy to have a virtual agency on your website where talent could exchange ideas and contact each other.
Regards Carson

i would like to see all

i would like to see all ofthe above

Other choices

If you would like to see something else on this site, please feel free to comment. Only sensible comments will be permitted.