New GENUINE Maid Slave male or female wanted.

This seems to be an impossible task, I don't know why this is so but the situation never seems to change.

Once again, I am looking for a reliable person, male or female who will have time to spare to assist me with
sessions, some of the domestic running of the House, do messages, be able to assist me with some academic
research, I guess a Girl Friday position.

Unlike most men who contact me looks and age are not important. However, dedication to me personally, not the
receptionists, not the other Mistresses nor the cat is what I require.

All applications must be emailed to me with enough information to make me really want to meet you.

I will live in hope, been there and done this before. Maybe it is me?


On my knees

Hi Mistress,

I have sent you an Email.

Fingers crossed.


What contitutes GENUINE? or

What contitutes GENUINE? or not GENUINE for that matter?

So where have all the

So where have all the wannabes gone wrong in the past- the attitude, the reliability, the x factor? You would so think people will be queuing up for this chance; amazing to here it is so hard to fill the job. May be Your expectations are unrealistic somehow.