Adult Baby/Infantalism.

Do you like the feel of a nappy and soft plastic baby pants between your legs, sucking on your dummy or breast feeding? Do you like wearing frilly party dresses, playing with dolls and toys, having ribbons in your hair? Do you like wearing or using adult-sized baby clothes, bibs, baby bottles, etc? Do you like acting and being treated like a baby , bottle- or spoon-fed, having your wet nappy changed?

If you have answered ' yes' to any of these questions then you might like to join me or one of the other Mistresses and indulge yourself in a Baby Fantasy.

One aspect of being a baby is the complete lack of control of how you are treated. From my own experience the main areas of interest in which I have engaged with clients are the babysitter/Mother/Aunt style of fantasy where the baby receives a good spanking but also receives some anal play and stroking of the genitals.

Perhaps you may like to be a 3-4 year old still in nappies and being cared for by having several nappy changes, breast feeding, bottles and baby food with bibs and dummies.

Another choice you might like is to be regressed to a toddler stage because you can't act your age (one of my personal favourites) Nappies, dummies, forced bottle and baby food feedings, spanking through your nappy, then bare bottom, forced wetting and potty training, drawing and colouring in naughty pictures.

Maybe you would like an enema to be administered, then put in nappies and plastic pants and made to void your bowels.

You would be wiped, sponged, toweled, powdered, and ointment would be applied.

There are many ways you can explore this fantasy but ultimately it is up to you. Not all Mistresses are interested in this style of session. If you would like to see me or you would like a recommendation for another Mistress to see for this style of session feel free to contact me.


forced into an adult baby

I wear diapers on and off and would like to experience being treated like a baby or an infant. It would be nice to see what a babys life is like. Wearing diapers forever, drinking from a baby bottles, I do this for myself but would like to see what it feels like to have someone else put a diaper on me. ( No not to have someone else do the cleaning of the smelly stuff) I would not mind even being lets say sisified as a baby. I look at myself as an explorer of life. I have read stories online of ab dl. I would like to explore the life as an adultbaby, doing this on my own is not as enjoyable.

Many blessings to all with love Blessed be



i would love my big pink dummy tied in my mouth and to be dragged out in public in my pink pvc outfit.mmmmm

I love being made to be a baby girl

I love being forced to wear very thick cloth nappies with plastic pink panties to hold any messes I am made to make in them. I am made to wear a pretty little girl dress with lots of lace to make it look very babyish and it is way too short to hide my thick nappies. To punish me further I am made to wear high heels which makes me walk in smaller girlyer steps. The baby harness is locked on and with a leash I am lead outside to the shops for lunch with a beautiful mistress mummy. I have had a similar experience as a sissy baby girl in public twice and many times at fetish parties but unfortunately I do not have a girlfriend to make this a common occurrence. I too am one that would love to be made to be a sissy baby 24 - 5 yeth it is a 5 because I am an adult and know we have to be big sometimes to be able to live in this world.
Love & Submit
Sissy Baby Angelica

froced to be a fully dressed babygirl and taken to the park

i would like to be kidnapped transformed into a fully dressed babygirl and taken out to park to play on swings then sent to live as a babygirl permenantly with someone wanting a baby but cannot have one from melissa of cambridge uk

adult T baby slave girl

please keep me in Your collar, cuffs, chains, cribcage, chastity and feed me only that which Your body has provided for Your slave.


Age play

I have always wanted to be potty trained by a nanny. Not the way it's done today: what I've fantasised about is the way that babies used to be put on their potties to do what nanny told them, and woe betide them if they didn't!

I would love to be an adult baby

I would love to be a 18month old baby have the session done as a mummy daughter with other mistresses to act as aunties


i am treated like a baby by my wife every night i am put to bed at six in nappies plastic pants and have to stay there all night while my wife go into town with her friends and has a good time . at the weekend i am in full baby dress for the weekend and my wife has partys or go clubing i miss not being with my wife but as she said to me your are a baby i am now your mummy not your wife mummy has a boy friend too

adult baby

It would be nice have the experience of a baby, diapered 24/7, bib, baby bottle, baby food, pacifier, enema, crawl I find it to be fun to explore a different way of life that other do not expect.

Wetting my nappy

I would love to be made to wear a nappy and to have to use it in front of a mistress who humiliates me.


i would love to be forced into a nappy, and told i enjoy it and forced to ejaculate in it then laughed at for enjoying it

sounds good

sounds good

kidnapped into a baby!

i,ve always dreamt that a beautifull mistress dressed in black rubber all over and a strap on would find me on a dark street ask 4 directions and then kidnapp me and force me into being an adult baby dressed in black rubber and a nappy and plastic pants this would be enforced in to hourly strap on abuse face sitting and several vibrators left running in my nappy as i expload again and again tied gagged and helpless what do you think!!!!!

plastic sissy baby

I have a plastic fetish.I would like to be dressed up as a little baby girl 3or 4 yrs old.I am not sure if I could have a lady such as yourself dress me up.I would feel embarrassed,but at the same time elated.I would like to be pampered,put in diapers but most of all dressed in plastic baby clothes from my cute frilly pink plastic bonnet,plastic rompers and plastic bib and naturally cute nursery print plastic baby panties.I guess I am curious if most men are this obsessed when it comes to being dressed like a sissy adult baby.Love your site,hope to get a reply.Thx Steve

forced to wear nappies

i would love to be forced into a nappy and taken out in it and made to fill my nappy in public with everyone watching and laughing at me, humiliated by being made to wear a dirty nappy around and everyone can see.

Humiliation role play

I have a fantasy about age play, with humiliation using enema. It occurs in the classroom where the teacher will humiliate me.

I arrive in class wearing my new school uniform on the first day of school. I am asked to introduce myself to the teacher. The teacher then explains the good obedient behavior she expects in the classroom. She then asks me to bend over so she can give me my medicine for the class. It is a small dose of glycerin that is injected into my ass. The class will then commence.

I have to practice my abc and write some words beginning the each letter such as A for apple, B for banana, C for cat. The teacher will insult me for my poor performance in class, and give me to stand up while I answer her questions which is embarrasing because I am too shy to talk loudly about myself. After around 30 minutes I need to go to the toilet, but because my classwork is very poor I am not allowed to use the toilet yet. The teacher will start to harass me and insult me and start pushing me around. She also lift her long dress and tease me by showing her pussy since she dosen't wear any panties for school. Eventally I helplessly make a mess in my pants. The teacher tell me how disgusted she is with me because I have not even learned to be toilet trained. Other students my age have no problem with this.

Now the teacher asks me to wipe myself and clean as much as possible. For the next class I have to wear a diaper, because of my apparent problem. The teacher has to give me a watery enema as punshiment. After accepting my enema, I have to practice writing my ABCs. The teacher is very critical of my ability. My stomach cramps make it difficult to write properly. The teacher expects me to be strong, but I am weak, since I am just like a baby wearing a nappy. The teacher is disgusted with me beacuse I have second accident when the enema comes out in my diaper. The teacher then has to punish me again and asks me to lie down on the floor. As further punishment she will lift her dress and urinate all over my torso. At that time I start to masterbate while she continues to verbally insult me as I lie on the floor, still wet from her urine.

I don't know if this is possible to perform as a role play, but it would like very much to be humiliated in this way.

Adult baby

I would really love to be in the same position as Molly and be a baby in nappies.


I wood love to b a baby in a Nappy

Age play

The sessions i have had at SKs eitherwith Nina or Pearl where i have had the pleaseure of being a baby agin in nappies a bib and bonnet are some of the best sessions i have had over the years at SKs and allowing me to be a baby girl named molly makes it all the better. Thanks for a great establishment and having such wonderful staff.


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