Mistress as Boss in Business Suit.

I was sent this by a slave:
I would like to be engaged in a humiliation session, with a Mistress in business suit, being the female boss, who is bossy and likes training her male workers to be her slave. As for me, being one of her male workers, in exchange for securing my job, need to listen to her orders. After some teasing or punishments, totally loss my control, knelt before her feet and submitted myself to her.

I will then become her slave and do whatever i can to serve her and be used for her amusement. As I have shoe and feet fetish, it would be great if there are some focus on this part, where the Mistress sits down comfortably, have her legs crossed, and ordered me to lick her black high heeled shoes clean, and while doing so, she keeps playing with her shoes making it hard for me to lick, as well as laughing and giving me some verbal humiliation. After this she inspect her shoes and claims that she is not satisfied as it is not clean enough, she then questioned by skills of licking shoes and my loyalty to her, and insisted on giving me some punishments which will makes me remember the consequences of not following her orders properly.

At this time, i begged her to forgive me and give me one more chance, she pulled my hair and give me two face slaps, kicked her shoes off, and commanded " Lick". I then start licking and sucking her feet hardly with her pantyhose on, in the hope of her forgiveness. After a long lick of both feet, she kicked me away, with some verbal humiliation, asked me keep licking her high heeled shoes while she go to change her "Mistress" clothes (black leather clothing, high heeled cover knee boots) for the punishments.

After she comes back, changed clothes, holding a whip, sits comfortably again. At this time, i am really afraid and begged for her mercy, she asked me better to listen to her now or else there will be more heavy punishments later on. She asked me to strip in front of her, standing still with my hands on my head and let her inspect my body. She then laugh and humiliate me by saying something like " You are worthless, don't be a human, be my dog" I kneel before her begging her to give up her idea, but of course failed. She collared me, and starts training me by lashing me around the room, showing different postures, as well as picking up things with my mouth she threw out.

After sometime, she sits down and have her afternoon tea, while i am kneeling in front of her licking her boots. She asked if i would like some cakes too, (i answer yes, mistress), she then put her left overs down on the floor and asked me to eat it. As i never eat like this before, i hesitated a bit, she then becomes angry and said "it seems like you needs more training in listening to my orders" then she gives me a few whips, and this time she stepped on the cake and asked me to eat from her soles .... dressed as a baby and then to be put on display in a playpen or something similar in the middle of the party.

I am the sole male employee in an all female office. My position is that of Office Assistant to the boss, a fairly demanding dominant woman. There are a few women in the office, a couple of them pregnant, who continually have to take breaks to use the toilet throughout the day. Very insensitively, at an office party (liquid lunch), after I've had a few drinks and developed some Dutch courage, I complain to the boss that these women are taking too many "potty breaks",and I don't think that is fair. I state loudly that they are like little toddlers who haven't achieved toilet training yet.

My boss, knowing that I've had the most to drink in a short period of time surprises me by saying, "You're absolutely right! Since the party is now finishing, and we're all going back to work, there will be no toilet breaks for the rest of the day.(Which is only another 90 minutes.) And that goes for everyone!

We all go back to work,but soon, it is I, and only I who has to use the "potty".I am soon dancing in my seat, trying to hold it in. My boss notices and, sneaking up behind me, suddenly asks me, "Do you know where the Johnson file is?" Well, because I don't know she is there, I jump in my seat and, at that moment, lose control and flood my pants, wetting the office chair and the floor as well. My boss then says loudly, "I can't believe you just wet your pants and ruined the office chair. I want you to clean up this mess and then march straight into my office. You are not to change clothes. Come as you are."

Amongst the snickers of my co-workers, I clean up the mess as I'm told and then enter my boss's office. She says, without looking up from what she's doing, "Sit down." I go to sit down on the chair and she suddenly yells, "NOT THERE, YOU IDIOT! ON THE FLOOR! I'm not going to have a second chair ruined just because you can't get through an hour and a half without WETTING YOUR PANTS!

She then proceeds to chastise me and says that, if I want to continue working at the company, it is obvious that I need to learn a few things, apart from toilet training, such as sensitivity to my co-workers. In addition, since I can't seem to distinguish between toddlers and pregnant women who might have bladder problems, I may have just provided her with the perfect opportunity to set up some "sensitivity training" that might enable me to learn the difference. She proceeds to give me my assignment, which I must complete and present, or, I will be fired for destroying company property.

- I am to find an organisation which is willing to help me experience life as a toddler. I am to then be instructed and trained in all aspects of toddler life and then, on the following Monday, dressed in toddler-style clothing, I am to make a comparative presentation about the care and feeding of toddlers and the rights and priveleges of adults (especially pregnant women.) Based on my presentation, which is to be presented to all of my fellow employees, my co-workers will then decide whether or not I will be allowed to continue in my job and, if so, whether I will continue in the persona of an adult, or that of a toddler, depending on how much remedial training I might need.

In my presentation, I am to include aspects of the following:

- the wearing and wetting of nappies.
-the use of dummies and bottles (and thumbs) as "comforting and quieting devices".
- toddler fashions, including the use of short dresses and snap-on clothing for easy
access to nappies, bonnets to protect the head from the sun and booties to keep the feet warm
- the understanding and use of "baby talk" which would mean that I would present in simple toddler language in a high-pitched lisping voice.
- baby games, nursery rhymes and songs that would be presented for the amusement of adults (with dancing and actions included)

During the presentation, I would have to ask one of my coworkers to feed me, and during feeding, I would be required to wear a bib. I would also have to announce (in baby talk, of course) any time that I had wet myself, and then ask one of my coworkers to change me, for every time I needed a change.

If I didn't follow any of these guidelines exactly, I would then have to present information on "punishment for toddlers" including light spanking and corner time.

The presentation would take at least 30 minutes and would only stop when my coworkers were prepared to vote. I would have to be prepared to continue until they asked me to stop. I am a married man with an almost non existent sex life, but a vivid imagination. I am a fairly big guy (110-110-105) so I'm not sure what you have in stock to use. I would be interested in a long session being video taped/photographed. The following could give you some ideas. Maybe I could meet up with a couple of beautiful girls/tgurls at a bar near Sussex Street and strike up a conversation (you would know me by what I'm wearing- prearranged). Conversation could include noticing I have naturally long nails but not manicured. "If you want this session to go ahead you must wear my collar and from the moment the collar is worn you must not speak unless spoken to. You must obey our commands immediately without hesitation? as I put on the collar you lock it shut and both of you excuse yourselves and go to the Ladies. When you return you place your freshly worn panties garter belt and stockings on the table and demand that I go to the Mens room and change into them all and throw my underwear in the rubbish.

When I arrive back at the table you both ask questions about my experience prompting me with things I might have done which would scare the daylights out of me!!! You note that my nails are feminine in length but something is missing and that we need to go and fix that now? "lets go!!", but just as I stand you comment that "with such wonderful stockings and underwear it is such a waste not to top it off with womens shoes and producing some (Size 11 or 11½) out of a bag under the table you insist I change immediately. You also offer me wrist and ankle cuffs at the same time instructing me to put them on and lock them. Then we walk out of the bar having collected my shoes. Where am I headed? Is it to a GalourWorld to try on some clothes? Is it to a club where I am at the mercy of people I don't know? Is it to a beautician? After walking self consciously for a few blocks looking around to see who is noticing me and the click of my heels, we all enter a beautician's shop. You walk over to the owner and engage in a conversation. I am pensive not knowing what is being said. You both leave me saying "We will leave you in the capable hands of Mistress X. We have a lot to arrange and will be back in a while. In the meantime do EVERYTHING Mistress X asks of you."

Mistress X says she has been asked to undertake certain detailed improvements to me. Over the next couple of hours I am primped and pampered to the max. But it all starts somewhere!! Before anything I am instructed to strip off, shower and shave my face and then lie face up on the table. Before I knew what was happening, my wrists were secured to the table by the wrist cuffs. What now I wonder? a little worried!!

She begins with a discussion over the amount of hair on my body and how much better I would look in my stockings and clothes if my legs were shaved smooth along with my torso and back. Without giving me a choice I am told that I am to be shaved from the neck down. Oh no!!! Secured by my cuffs there is nothing I can do. I start to speak and have the panties that I was wearing shoved into my mouth drowning out my protests. "I know best what you need." And without further discussion you produce a razor and shaving cream and start my ordeal by rolling me over and shaving my back and butt? not that there's much on my back. I am rolled back and you start with my torso and then proceed to shave each leg from the ankle up to my waist. "What do I do next? arms or pubic area?" Without waiting for an answer from my panty-filled mouth, you proceed to lather up my cock and balls and start around my public area soon pronouncing "That's done" and moving to lather and shave my under arms. "No more in this trip" you announce.

After a quick clean-up of the shaving cream my treatments continue. Facial and complete makeover after which a comfortable mask is placed on me "to allow me to relax and meditate". Eyebrow shaping (nothing more than tidying - let my imagination torture me!). Manicure and pedicure with LOUD nail polish. And as an added bonus you note that my fingers have hair on them and you announce that you soaked them twice? once where you used hair removal cream and the second to soften them.

Time seems to have stood still. What time is it. It doesn't really matter. I am gently rolled over onto my side and before I know what's happening a reasonable size butt plug is thrust into me, filling me up. I hear my two Mistresses back in the room. When did they come back? That'll teach me for relaxing too much. My Mistress informed me that the butt plug was inflatable and she proceeded to pump it up filling me so as to be very uncomfortable.

Mistress removed my mask and while I was adjusting to the flood of light, my cuffs were freed. Mistress said to arise and put on the clothes I had worn to the beautician. As I collect my stockings and roll them up I notice that my public hair had not been totally removed. Instead it had been shaped in the shape of a heart. My stockings slid smoothly up my hairless legs and left my painted toe nails clearly showing through. I put on the garter belt and connected up the straps. It was at this point the other Mistress moved to adjust her clothing? reaching under her short skirt to remove her panties which she insisted I wear. I slid them up my legs and felt their warmth. Everything felt so sexy over my smooth skin. And finally for my male shirt and trousers? such a contradiction!! But the cherry on he top was the ladies shoes I had worn from the bar.

I noticed that while my hands had lost their hair, my arms still had it. And with my sleeves down my hands looked so feminine with their long painted nails. Mistress left the room as I was finishing dressing and the other Mistress stayed with me reaffixing my locked wrist and ankle cuffs. When complete and after viewing myself in the mirror when met up with the other Mistress in the foyer. She presented me with a small purse matching the colour of my nail polish.

Bidding the beautician farewell I followed the Mistresses out the front door and as they stopped and parted they motioned for me to enter the front seat of the waiting taxi as they entered the rear seat giving the driver an address. It didn't take me long to realise I was in a very embarrassing situation sitting beside a man with a fully made-up face, feminine hands with loud nail polish, female shoes and yet wearing male clothes and having short hair. Argh!!! It took a few minutes to reach our destination and as the taxi stopped one of the Mistresses said "You've got the money? pay the man!!" As I reached down and opened the purse I was struck by the cleverness of yet another embarrassment and in handing the money to the driver I was again floored that I was handing the money to the man with my very feminine hands. "Earth open up and swallow me" I thought.

So having paid the driver I was the last to leave the taxi and found my Mistresses together on the footpath. "Follow me" one said and I followed down a laneway wondering where we were going. Walking on heels isn't easy and the laneway was a challenge!! And my steps were to become more cautious as Mistress stopped and put a blindfold on me and secured my wrist cuffs behind me. It wasn't too far until a door was opened and I was led through to a quiet area. Oh bugger! Where am I? and What is going to happen? My imagination is working overtime. I have placed myself totally in the hands on my Mistresses and I have no idea what fate is about to hit me!!

I can hear the Mistresses having a conversation with someone but I cannot make out what they are talking about. My Mistresses then led me into a room where I am told to stand still and await instructions. While I am restrained and blindfolded the door opens and shuts several times with bodies moving into and out of the room. From what I can make out things are being brought into the room.

Eventually my blindfold is removed and I notice that I am in a changing room of sorts and clothes have been brought in. For the next hour I was stripped and redressed in a wide range of women's clothes? everything from gaffs, short skirts and stockings to skyscraper heels, corsets, blouses and cock restraints. Things started getting interesting when Mistress produced some fake breasts and put them up against my chest. The Mistresses looked at each other and proceeded to affix them to my recently shaved chest with some sort of adhesive. They announced that my new breasts would not be removable for a few days until the compound broke down. Think! Think! What does that mean?

Before I had thought about it Mistress wrapped a corset around me supporting my new breasts. Between the two Mistresses, they tagged and pulled on the corset's laces ripping air out of my lungs. My stomach disappeared almost immediately and my figure started to develop a waist?!?! Standing back and looking at their handywork my breasts presented prominently. They announce that I am stuck in the corset until they release me.

I am then presented with fishnet stockings and, with a great deal of difficulty given the corset restrictions, I roll them cautiously roll them up my legs. Gee its difficult with long nails!!

Next a range of shoes with skyscraper heels were presented and will the help of my Mistresses I paraded in them all before Mistress settled on her favourite and kneeling to obscure my view of the shoes, she proudly announced "With these shoe locks on you'll have to practice quickly".

Teetering on locked high heels, dressed in a corset with sizeable breasts popping over the top? collar locked on as well as ankle and wrist cuffs. And Mistress saw my cock protruding like a periscope. Before long I had my cock reduced in size through the use of ice packs. As a shadow of its former self Mistress laced it into a cock harness and pulled it back between my legs securing it to the back of the corset. "He's in his place now".

Mistress then had me try on a tight latex gaff, satin panties and padded pants to reflect a fuller feminine figure settling on the gaff with the panties over the top. I was then supplied with a range of dresses focussing on the short slutty styles as well as shirts and Mistress had me keep on a white long sleeved, ruffled latex shirt which clearly displayed my corset and breasts. Finally after trying on a range of skirts and pants settling on a short black leather skirt.

Looking in the mirror I was now fully made up, collars, cuffs and high heels locked on, tightly laced into a corset which firmly pushes up my ample breasts into a see through feminine blouse while my shiny short skirt allows everyone to see my stocking tops. Thank goodness my cock is firmly secured ? otherwise it would be tenting the front of my skirt.

Many minutes I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Amazing how different I looked now? but there's something missing!! Mistress came up silently behind me and slipped on a brown bob wig which set everything off nicely. Let me at her? I'd sink my cock deep inside her!!

Minutes seemed to drift on and before I knew what was happening my Mistresses gathered up a couple of parcels and called me to follow them. "Time to go" they said. "I can't leave dressed like this" I thought. "Come on silly you look sexy" they said somewhat calming me.

We ventured out the front door and I just about died of embarrassment. It was sinking in that I looked like a whore and the world could see me as I ventured out on the busy footpath. My pulse was racing and I was almost in tears from fear. Seeing this my Mistresses gave me words of encouragement from one girl to another. My courage grew as I slipped into the back of a waiting taxi and we zoomed off into the traffic. This time I was fortunate to not have to talk to or pay the driver? but I watched like a hawk as he perved in the rear vision mirror. I wondered how much he could see under my skirt? but then it occurred to me he could see enough through my transparent shirt!!

It was getting late in the day and the sky was beginning to darken. Cars whirred past and not being familiar with the city I did not pay attention to where we were headed.

A short time later we stopped along a near city street. "Everyone out" Mistress called as she paid the driver. Where were we? Mistress was cruel as we walked along the busy street with me teetering on my high heels. I'm sure passing motorists and pedestrians were hugely entertained but I was seriously challenged. As we turned the corner Mistress said it was not far to go and soon we were walking up the front stairs of a terrace house.

Opening the door I followed my Mistresses closely to the relative safety within, wondering what I had in store here. I was led along a narrow hallway to a little room where I was asked to wait for the nurse?!?!

A few minutes later a beautiful young lady dressed provocatively in a revealing nurse's uniform entered the room and proceeded to ask questions on my health and medical history saying "after such a big day we need to just check you out to make sure you are OK." "Follow me" she said wheeling and out the door and further down the narrow hallway before mounting the stairs. I lurched after her and struggled with the stairs. My feet were aching after hours in heels and maybe she would offer to massage them ? you never know, I thought.

Entering a room at the top of the stairs she directed me to remove my skirt and blouse and lie down on the treatment bench on my back. While talking to me in a relaxed manner about my experiences during the day, we appeared to be winding down a day I had found wonderfully stimulating yet tremendously stressful. She said "let me help you with that cock corset" untying it and removing my panties and gaff.

Excusing herself for a brief minute the nurse left the room closing the door quietly behind her. Meanwhile, having finally removed my skirt and blouse with my long nails I had calmed totally and reclined on the treatment table. Shortly after the door opened again and the nurse re-entered accompanied by a young lady dressed fairly ordinarily. Standing to my left the nurse introduced me to "Ally" saying she was here to take my temperature and pulse before she could proceed. Ally asked me to "open wide" and stuck the thermometer under my tongue. She then grasped my wrist and moving it down to the side of the table securing my wrist cuffs to the table. At exactly that moment the nurse did likewise with my other wrist!

WHAT!! I thought. When I finally focused I noticed the assistant leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

The nurse proceeded to my ankles securing them both to the table before clearing the air. "Tonight is your lucky night!" she pronounced. "We have a surprise that you will take ages to get over."

But first lets start? as she proceeded to gather some instruments and medical supplies she said I was going to get the most amazing client Kitty's had and there were some preparations that needed to be made. Once the equipment was located nearby she came up close to my ear and whispered "Matt really knows what he wants? in a woman." Just then I felt her strap my head firmly to the table. I couldn't move my head one millimetre up, down or sideways.

The nurse moved quietly towards my lower end and out of sight. I heard equipment being set out and felt some material on my leg. Nervously I asked what I could expect from Matt. The nurse returned quickly to look me in the eye saying "You know not to speak? " Reaching down she removed her panties and stuffed them in my mouth".

Moving close to my ear she laughed and said "If you must know beautiful one, Matt needs his women more appropriately prepared. He loves transvestites but prefers transsexuals. You'll love what we have in store for you? but I need to get back to it."

Again she disappeared out of sight and I could hear and feel her doing something at the other end of the bench. I was sweating profusely feeling my pulse go wild. What fate did I have in store for me?

"I returned to earth from my throughts when the nurse said "Ok so we're ready to go". Moving up towards my head again she proceeded to explain I would feel a prick down below but that was to deaden the pain I would otherwise experience over the next little while. "Not to worry, we've done this a few times before and you'll never miss your wedding tackle."

Sure enough she was right? just after I heard the snap of rubber gloves I felt the promised prick and I could feel the needle move around below the skin obviously spreading out the anaesthetic.

Thoughts were ticking in my head? I could hide the missing hair on my torso and legs from friends and my wife and family? but its hard the fact that the family jewels were stolen. The nurse helped me focus again as she said "while that anaesthetic takes affect I will need to drain your bladder. We can't have any nasty accidents when the operation proceeds." "Have you ever heard of a catheter?" Without waiting for an answer she proceeded to insert a catheter firmly up my cock, feeding it until saying "just try to piss a bit". As I did that the nurse pushed the catheter firmly into my bladder and proceeded to drain me dry."

Shortly after the flow of urine stopped, the nurse clamped off the catheter tube moving up to my head. She said she needed to remove the panties from my mouth but needed me to remain silent. I nodded my agreement. Moving closer she reached in an plucked out her panties and replaced them quickly with a ring gag. "Can't have you wasting your golden nectar" she said as she brought a jug up with my warm urine inside and proceeded to pour it slowly inside my mouth.

Get used to it sweetheart!! The nurse said? Matt always insists his "gurls" service him this way.

I couldn't focus on one of the two key thoughts coursing through me? my revulsion at consuming my own piss and the thought of some guy using me as a urinal.

Returning to my crotch the nurse secured wide straps on across my lower abdomen and at the top of my stocking-covered legs firmly sealing me against the bench. "Time to start" she announced and for the next 15 or 20 minutes ?probably longer ? she was prodding, inserting instruments, pulling and cutting my scrotum. There was a pungent odour of disinfectant and alcohol swabs until finally she announced "There? all done!"

She came up to talk to me face to face and it was then I noticed the blood on her gloved hands. What had she done!! The nurse said my wedding tackle would never get in the way again. Uh Oh! What do I do now? How do I hide this from my wife, kids and friends. There's no way I can tell them. But what alternative do I have. I can't keep it a secret for ever.

"Just lie back and relax for a few minutes while I clean up the mess," the nurse said. "I've never seen some bleed this much in this type of operation before."

Lying back but far from relaxed, my mind raced with thousands of thoughts. Some time later I heard the nurse start talking to me again? "Matt's cock is huge sweetie and we find that without the proper preparation he can cause you a fair bit of damage. Trust me and I'll get you ready so you might be able to cope."

I could hear the nurse put on another pair of rubber gloves and remove the inflatable butt plug. "Thank goodness I took their advice and refrained from eating anything for the last 24 hours and had given myself a few huge warm enemas before arriving. Soon I felt her place huge quantities of heavy duty lubricant at my rosebud and firmly press forward with one finger. She went deep. And withdrew her finger and replaced it with two and then three fingers pushing forward and deeper each time. As she withdrew this time she moved a fourth finger in and I could feel the immense stretch I had achieved.

The nurse then produced a pad which she placed over my nose telling me to breathe in deeply a few times through my nose. As a started to breathe I felt a warmth roll over me as my pulse started racing and I felt like I was floating. Just then I could feel my anal invader recommence pushing firmly up. A number of times she pushed up into me but each time the result was the same ? my tight rosebud would not allow entry. I started to have second thoughts saying I doubted she could get her whole hand in. "Have faith and take a few more deep breaths sweetheart? we can do this? God knows we need to or Matt will split you open!!"

I breathed deeply inhaling the intoxicating smell to save Matt damaging my backside. Putting another hand full of lubricant over my rosebud, again the nurse moved forward reaching the four finger entry fairly easily. She then started talking me through it as she encouraged me saying we appeared to be getting closer each time. Closer? closer? not far now? closer ? come on sweetheart we're almost there??. And eventually I felt her hand ease through.

I was feeling very full back there and the nurse rested saying she was so proud and so would Matt be!!

Without warning the nurse moved her hand leaning from side to side, making a fist and exploring my anal cavity. Each time she eased forward twisting and pushing her hand and fist deeper until I thought she could reach up and touch my tongue from inside. I don't know how long this went on for but I was on cloud nine and the intense pain of a few minutes ago was very much tinged with pleasure.

Nurse again brought my senses back moving to withdraw her hand. Removing her hand was a lot easier but still painful nonetheless. God help me. What about Matt! What would happen now?

Removing her hand she removed the gloves and left the room returning a few minutes later with a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth. Just spoke to Matt on the phone and he's so much looking forward to tonight. He says he will be here in half an hour so we will need to get you cleaned up and dressed "to impress".

Nurse explained that because of the sutures in my crotch I would not be able to take a bath or shower but she would give me a full clean up with the wash cloth before she dressed me.

Eventually she was happy with the clean-up job and removed my ankle cuffs before putting fresh panties on me and after lightly kissing the site of her handywork in my groin, dabbed sweetly smelling fragrance on my groin and through to my stretched rosebud. "I love this scent" she said sensually. Any time we get a gurl ready for Matt we use it? it makes him go wild and the experience is always amazing for her.

Soon she removes the straps holding my head down and detaches the wrist cuffs from the bench, saying for me to stay lying down so I don't get dizzy. As I was lying there she said I would no longer be bothered by my penis and I could be the woman I deserved to be and enjoy everything girls could. Once the site healed fully - about a week or two - I would have three options to pleasure my men.

Helping me to sit up she handed me a see through white shirt - very feminine - saying it would show off my wonderful breasts and corset underneath. "Button your shirt but leave the top couple of buttons undone, she said and "Let me know when you're finished. She then moved out of my sight as I focussed on the challenge of dealing with the different way of buttoning as well as my long finger nails which still looked sexy. "Done!" I said. And immediately I felt her reach from behind me and grabbing my wrist cuffs secured them behind my back.

"We've got to get you up on your stilts and into the sexy black skirt" the nurse said helping me to my feet. I felt very unsteady as she held my hand, holding the skirt open as I put one foot in followed by the other and she levered it over my thighs and butt, sipping it up after tucking in my shirt.

"Follow me into the next room and we'll tidy you up" she said. After 10 minutes or so of tackling my hair and makeup she announced I was ready. "Just in time" she said. "Matt will be here in a few minutes and he doesn't like to be kept waiting" the nurse said. "We'll meet him in the waiting room downstairs" she continued.
As we were leaving the room she slyly said she knew something else that would excite Matt as she reached for the bottle of perfume dabbing an excess behind my ears, on my neck and behind my knees, cheekily saying you never know where your knees may be later tonight.

At the second attempt we left the room and descended the steep steps, moved along a hallway and through the doorway into the waiting room.

"Matt will be here in a few minutes" she said. She disconnected the wrist cuffs and said "Take a seat sweetie. I'll get you a drink. What would you like, spunky?" she asked. "Make sure you get something with a bit of a kick. You have a challenging night ahead and it will help you to relax and enjoy it."

"Rum and coke" I said, and she turned and left. A minutes or so later a different girl appeared with my drink discussing how Matt was the best endowed guy she'd seen and what he could do with it would be in my memory forever!! Just what I needed to hear as I worried and took a sip from what seemed to be a very strong drink.

Time seemed to tick on and I seemed to be pouring the rum down my throat. "I thought Matt was supposed to be here soon" I thought as I was joined by my waitress again who handed me another stiff drink saying Matt had been delayed but was arranging a surprise for me!

Oh God! I thought. What could that be now? Some suggestions as to his past surprises were made? but every one of them had me completely terrified.

Guzzling the second drink I was entranced and distracted by the feminine hand wrapped around the glass. I snuggled up in the comfortable lounge relaxing as the alcoholic warmth calmed me.

Finally Matt entered the room and firmly called on me to "kneel". I slid to his feet with my head bowed noticing his athletic body was not brutal in appearance but he was obviously fit and strong.

Reaching forward towards my head he inserted a ring gag saying he had some surprises in store for me ?.

So really the ending can be inserted ? more than one man ? drinking his urine ? safe sex ? Matt and Mistress urging each other on ? piercing in private locations? public alternate venue etc

Imagine at the end of the night when I discover that I have not been castrated? rather I had been sewed over so my cock was under the skin.


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