Becoming a Pro Domme – Mistress Training

First and foremost please do not consider becoming a Professional Dominatrix unless you are a true lover of the BDSM/Fetish Scene. Without that burning love and desire to be a Pro Domme you won't be happy and you probably will not succeed in Female Domination as your career.

Female Domination comes in many styles. Naturally you would want to be a powerful, desired and appreciated Domme admired by all the submissives you Dominate. However, I find it is a good idea to ask yourself: Do I see myself as a Mistress who is a Trainer, Teacher, Goddess, Sadist, Loving Control Queen, Seductress, Temptress, Punisher, or Mother figure? Perhaps at this stage you don't really know. What excites, energises and turns you on as a Domme will dictate the styles of sessions you gravitate towards and enjoy the most.

So, what kind of woman wants to be a Domme?
All types really. Many ladies have warm caring personalities, not quite what many people imagine. You cannot be a man hater; that is a fantasy for some of our clients and great for the dungeons but in reality it doesn't work. Women who have been through a bad relationship and want to get back at all men never even get to first base with me.

Ladies who have worked in the sex industry and want a change of pace and atmosphere usually do very well. The majority of the Salon Kitty's women are tertiary educated and have backgrounds in a variety of areas such as theatre, nursing, martial arts, to name but a few.

Throughout your Dominatrix career you will face many challenges. It is through these experiences you will gradually learn your limits.

Some of the areas ladies cover in their first few months in the Dungeons with myself and various other Mistresses are as follows.

Becoming a Mistress.
There are many reasons why a lady chooses to become a Pro Domme. You will have the opportunity of being involved in discussion and workshops with some of Australia's most experienced and respected Mistresses.

Body Language.
This includes the art of touching, eye contact, your posture and learning how to use your body provocatively, how to use your voice. It's all about playing with the senses.

Safety and First Aid.
I strongly suggest everyone who wants to be a Pro Domme complete a St. Johns Ambulance or Red Cross Safety/First Aid courses. We do cover areas which have particular relevance to BDSM in the first weeks of your training.

Psychological Do's and Don'ts.
What happens when a session goes wrong? How do you get yourself out of a sessional dilemma when you can see things are just not working?

The Art of negotiation.
Communication is definitely the name of the game. You will learn skills which will help make your client relax enabling him to divulge his innermost desires to you.

Some of the other areas you will cover in your first six months are:

Anal Tease
Strap on Dildo usage
Medical Fantasies, enemas and catheters,
Edge Play
Role Play
Play Piercing
Toilet Training your slaves
The Art of Discipline
The Art of Bondage
The Art of Sexual Tease
Know your own body
Know your partner's body
Building Suspense in your session.
Nipple Play and Torture

To name a few.

Everyone who commences an apprenticeship at Salon Kitty's does so on a trial basis. You need to discover if the Pro Domme lifestyle is for you or if working with us suits your personality.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding working at Salon Kitty's.


Pro Dom is very interesting to me

I have dabbled in pro dom situation with my husband(slave) and we have switched roles. I am wanting to get more into the Mistress part but Im rustyl. Im wanting to know how do you get really good at being a dom? Is there a place for training?

Why Me?

A sub has come to me stating that he thinks that I can get more out of life and learn how to control that life by bieng a domme. Is he right? I'm a stay at home mom livin in a condo and my husband works full time. I have a huge a heart and I'm extremely open minded. My thought is that I would let HIM the slave; down. There are some disgusting things his old mistresses have done to him that I'm not into. I would get NO pleasure from doing it. How do I learn if this thing is in me. He truly insists. And I hate to NOT be able to not learn something.

Finally a dungeon you can trust

Hello Mistress
Hi i just read your blog on what type of training you have for Mistress's very well rounded,, that is great,, I am not a fan of Prodommes because i never know what to expect,,but you covered most safe areas and as a slave who has been put in hands of lack of knowledge Mistress's at play parties its nice to see you work with knowlegable people,, and a first aid course,, wow thats even better,, I was in the military for 15 years,, we get trained every year on CPR,, heres the kicker,, I never used CPR in the military,,or any first aid,, not until i worked for a health club one month after i got out,, a heavy man was trying to keep up with a in shape hottie on the tread mill,, she killed him literally,, thus to say my manager came and got me,, and asked me to help,, why ask me,, well we figured with your military training you be better than us,, well yea,, ok let me see whats going on,, I rushed out to find this guy dead,, cold dead,, I enlisted the help of a nurse who I knew there,,and began CPR,, we kepted his vidals going until Paramedics, got there and shocked the man back to life,, so you might want to relate that story, to people who train all the time in CPR but never use,, its always the time when you dont expect it,, that things goes wrong,, we were given an Life Saving award for our efforts,, that was nice,, and I gave the Fireman a Giant Pizza for giving me that,, I was just doing my job,,,

I wished i was in Austria ,, you sound like the dungeon I would give my money to,, you have class and charm and sadistic all rolled into one,, oh well some day,, when i can afford a flight down under I will,, to bad you just cant keep me in a cage for ever,, to clean house and take abuse,, hmmmm oh well just wanted to tell you,, you might be one of the best dungeons i seen on the internet,, yours bruce from NY

pro domme training please

hi Amanda, my name is Monique. Im a 32yo. i currently work one day a week in a massage parlour. the rest of the days i look after two relatives. i have been in the massage and full service industry for a while. i have a partner of three years and he is very understanding.
i have found that my partner and i have an interest in bdsm, i would like to further it. i am slowly incorporating it into our relationship but... i would like to see if i am one for working it? my interest is to ultimately become a known Mistress. Hope to hear from you. thank you.

Looking for mistress and master training

Have you got this service available

Good Day Mistress

Are you still taking on apprecntices? Where are you located? Thank you for your time.

Lola Raven

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