How does it make you feel when administering pain?

When administering pain it gives one power - it really is all about power and control. I admit a lot does depend on the interaction you have with the person (which is why most Dominants prefer to build on relationships) but when it is all broken down into exact feelings power wins out every time, and lets face it, power is sexy. In my opinion, when one is right on the edge of their emotions, by submitting physically to painful sensations and suffering genuine humiliation by sharing and engaging in very intimate actions renders one totally emotionally vulnerable to the most intense sexual release for both the Dominant and submissive partner.



Im very interested to know the foll:
1) DO u pee directly into the slave 's mouth?
2) Hiw is the method while pooping?
3) Do the slaves actually drink in or spit out?



I am very interested to know Amanda where did you do your BDSM training and how long for? And what was your Mistress"s speciality in teaching you? Was it S&M or Traditional Values and Methods or both intertwined with the physcology that is so very important. Or was it somthing else???

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