A woman subjected to pain - how does it affect her sexuality?

Depends what you mean by subjected to it?

Being in control of someone is empowering, being responsible for what a person feels physically is a real aphrodisiac. Dominating men sexually excites women who thrive on this style of interaction. But women like to lose control and get stimulated by pain just the same as men. The physical and emotional release is quite exquisite. Power is a turn on, when a person submits their will, the power of the other and the position one finds oneself physically, mentally and emotionally, can become sexually arousing. At Salon Kittys we have experienced and not so experienced clients who come in to dominate ladies who like to switch roles and submit. We help train some, and others have gained experience over the years with various submissives in private relationships and by visiting professional submissives. Some of our Masters are excellent and we look forward to seeing them when they visit particularly because those who we know and trust are excellent for our new submissives. Many Master's know exactly how to sexually excite a woman. They give us a chance to unwind, furthermore, I believe it is best to know what it feels like to be on the other side and to understand the emotional state of a person in a submissive position.


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