What can a bloke get out of a BDSM submission session, i.e. what does it do for them?

First, it doesn't mean that a BDSM submission experience has to be painful and humiliating, this is a common misconception which I would like to dispel. However, if pain and humiliation are involved then it is necessary to understand the context of this experience and how it is highly sexually arousing for some individuals.

So, is pain necessary? Agony is, to me, unnecessary, all types of pain is not. Pain has been associated with physical injury, the release of endorphins, a catharsis of the mind and soul, and even spirituality. Humiliation can also be painful, but what is clear is that both create intense sensations, and are individual and personal. Those who want to explore pain and humiliation usually are aware of these feelings. The best place to be if a guy has these urges is under the guidance and control of a professional Mistress who is not going to permanently injure him ordamage his self esteem.

It should be remembered that no woman can dominate without the co-operation of the dominated so it is important to realise that the submissive wants to be in this position, even if he fantasises that he is being forced to be there and it is against his will (kidnapping and interrogation fantasies are very popular, punishment in these scenes is often carried out by ejaculation on command till exhaustion sets in, or the slave is made to please several Mistresses by giving body worship, being used as a she male, etc).

A guys fantasy of surrendering control of his life, even temporarily, to a beautiful woman has undeniable allure. When this person happens to be a sexy professional Dominatrix then consenting to being a Mistress' slave gives a guy a chance to turn himself inside out and explore his dark side.

Personally, my preference is to have my slaves under my control in mind and body. When he (or she) can relinquishes all control and responsibility for his behaviourthe consent itself is very sexy and a powerful aphrodisiac for both parties. With an introduction to new or different sensations a sexual and emotional freedom emerges which can only be experienced when the sub is not in control. This form of control is very empowering and speaking personally, a great turn on for a Mistress. I can assure you the intimacy of a Mistress and slave relationship built on trust and communication is almost spiritual.

To please the Mistress or Dominant partner is the goal of the true submissive; to put the Dommes pleasure before his own is the crucial difference between the submissive and the fetishist. Slave hood is not simply a state of mind or captivity; it is a voluntary act of discipline. It is a state of heightened awareness where the submissive uses his own will to mold himself to the standards of the Dominant. It is about holding oneself in a manner that honours the attention the Dominant endows upon a worthy slave. The Mistress may employ difficult tests of servitude; this is her prerogative, as are her methods of training and correction.

To train a slave I require the submissive to extend his trust, to communicate his needs and desires, and to follow my will. He must have faith that I take both his needs and mine into account and act accordingly, with wisdom and grace. In exchanging control for guidance, the submissive can enjoy the thrill of attunement with the dominant through any type of play, as long as the desire and connection is there.


Is ballbusting a common fantasy

I dont know y but when i go to salon kittys i always want to be kicked in the balls i was just wondering if this is a rare or common thing at salon kittys

puppy play

Dear Mistress Amanda
i'm a 36 yr old male who loves to get into role playing being a puppy. more a german shepard! i have a tail butt plug and a leather hood in the shape of a dogs head and my Owner (see wife) takes me around on a lead. i only tend to misbehave when my Owners cat comes in through the cat door. and thats when i cop a smack on the snout. i love it! but.... there is nowhere to go in Brisbane to RP. there is only a few clubs from time to time that are BDSM related. we are coming to Melbourne in July 07. is there anything a good doggy can go to?
yours faithfully
Rexxy the german shepard

The State of Submission

Hello Amanda,

I had an experience at Salon Kitty's with one of the Mistresses. After driving me deep and deeper into submission, she stood above me triumphant and beautiful. I knew that she had me under her spell, how much I was to discover. In her dominant position she began to shower her slave with her golden nectar. With my body soaking under her power I had was overcome with the compulsion to submit to my mistress in any way. Without releasing my mouth opened to accept her splendor. At the same time my mistress must have decided I was worthy and ready to pass to the next stage and drink her golden nectar. Before I knew it was a toilet to this woman.

I was aware that urine was sterile and suffered from zero effects. However it is possible in your experience to run into trouble, sore stomachs and the like. Especially if multiple mistresses are involved?


Why is being pubic humiliation a common fantacy?

Why is it male subs like to get humiliated before other female dominants and the receptionists. Does a person ask to be publicly humiliated, or will the selected mistress just have him crawl out of the room and into the yard for part of the training? Personally i find it being exposed before a vanilla clothed female very humiliating, like the receptopnist, in the usual jeans and so on, but until today, i dont know how to ask for it, sometimes i feel if i ask for it, its not humiliating...how do i go about this?

Just A Thought

I find when I want certain stuff in a session, I write a long e mail or letter to the mistress with important things to me in bold, I include lots of stuff, and then tell them I do not wish to discuss what will and won't happen in the session, very rarely am I dissapointed.

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