Emma's Cross Dressing Fantasy

Many people who like to Cross Dress want to be forced into doing it. I guess this is why Forced Feminization is so popular. Another popular fantasy is to be caught out by a sister, mother or aunt trying on lingerie or clothing.

I carried out such a fantasy with “Emma” recently. I love people who are really enthusiastic and Emma certainly threw herself into our role play. However, as it was a stinking hot, humid day here in Sydney so we both decided it was best not to venture out and instead stayed indoors and took advantage of the air conditioning. I totally enjoyed the session and Emma's company. I hope to see her again so as we can go out in public.
Emma with garter Emma at school Emma relaxing
Emma said to me: “I'm not really into forced feminization but I don't mind role play. I would love to have a cross dressing session where my sister catches me in her bedroom in her school uniform. She is not angry and decides to have fun and give me a full transformation and create a girlfriend called Emma. Full transformation, trying different looks and outfits to create a female persona and to be passable in public – that is what I desire.”
Emma the showgirl


Please add name when posting my last comment

I did not mean to be anonymous just not sure how your site works.


love your look

I love your look Emma
And your pink cami/panties
As for the show girl, I too want a showgirl costume, and I don't think it would bother me if I saw someone in a showgirl costume with a little extra out front.

it's a HOT roleplay

i have to admit that; even though cross-dressing isn't my 'favorite' activity. but rather than a 'sister' finding me out in public i think an ex-girlfriend or wife could be hotter. She really get's into dressing me and even staps on the biggest cock She can find once i'm the complete woman i was meant to be


people are stranger

Sexy showgirl

I would love to be dressed a sexy showgirl and be paraded around for all the Mistresses to admire. The thought of looking so sexy and trying to walk in 6" heels is a major turn on. I guess, though my male parts would have to be 'restrained' as it would look silly having a sexy showgirl like this with a bulge in her pants.

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