Foot Fetish

One of the most popular fetish interests we see at Salon Kitty's is the foot fetish. The following are popular requests from various foot fetishists. You may have a similar interest. At the end are a couple of pictures taken during one of my foot fetish scenes.

  • My fantasy is to be kneeling amidst a sea of fabulous feet and succulent toes of a multitiude of foot goddesses (as many as twelve!) in a "mock trial" for my purported crimes and false accusations of my misdoings and disobedience. In this unique setting that I have found only Salon Kitty's provides, I grovel at the feet of each of my accusers,interrogators, jury and the judges as these Dommes decide on the sentence and punishment for my misdeeds.
  • I love soft, skinny thin feet, long toes.
  • My particular fetish is smelling and worshipping women's feet. I would preferably like the pantyhose/stockings to smell of sweat If there are pairs of stockings that you have not washed yet, still with
    the foot odour, I would love to visit you Mistress.
  • I have a HUGE high-heel and leg fetish. High heels on a sexy woman brings me to my knees - I would be rendered under your power. I prefer heels that are 4.5-5.5 inch high. I like pumps, strappy sandals and anything elegant and sophisticated. I also like open toe shoes, as well as 6 inch platform heels. Added to this I have a passion for stockings with garters, seams and lace tops. Again, all part of the same fetish. In terms of hosiery, black, skin tone, white and red are all very sexy. I don't like fishnet stockings and I don't like panty hose. I like sexy boots especially thigh high boots with a high spike heel.
  • I love bare feet (without socks or stockings). The most important part are the soles and arches. I would love to see, touch, admire and lick them again and again as well as kiss them continually throughout our session. It is important that while I am allowed to play with or lick your feet I should be able to excite myself.
  • I have a fetish/desire for a foot job, both with and without heels on. I also would not mind a bit of trampling or light torture.
  • I just want to see you drive barefoot, there is nothing else involved.
  • I like to be a submissive male and a foot fetishist (especially slightly smelly feet) at the same time. I like to be brought to a room as a new slave where my Mistress is waiting. I would like her to be dressed in a normal dress not a fantasy mistress one and not wearing make-up, like a normal shirt and jeans or pants, and most importantly closed loafer shoes and light socks(not sandals or open shoe).
  • When I first enter the room, my Mistress keeps on doing something else like reading for one minute then she looks at me and asks me if I am the new slave. Then she starts talking to me about the duties of her new slave:"you are going to be responsible for My body maintenance especially my feet and legs, you are going to make sure every day that my legs are smooth, and if not you have to wax or shave them for me, you also take off my shoes and smell my feet and kiss them everyday, tell me how smelly they are when I come back from work.I can also use your back as a table to put my feet up or your face to rest them on. Also you smell my underarms and check if they are smooth."

    Then she asks me to stand in the middle of the room to inspect my body as a new slave, she is firm and confident but nice at this stage, she mainly wants to inspect my body hair. I like my Mistress to touch my body all the time with her both hands not just gently but heavily, and grab me from the behind of my neck when she wants to remove me from one place to another. She first checks the hair on my head and touches it and makes some comments like she prefers her slave to be bald so she is going to shave it for me. also she checks my face, hands and arms, comment on my forearms hair ..., then order me to take off my shirt, and checks my chest and back hair, passes her hands several times and make comments that it is too hairy or the hair is too long but does not say yuck, and she prefers to wax it or shave it for me. then she asks me to take off my shoes and checks my bare feet, touches my toes and feels my soles and spend some time on them, comments on the smell and say that they are too soft for a slave and need to be toughened, and mentions that they are one of her favourite places for slave punishment and that she likes my feet.

    My Mistress then checks my bottom and then my legs and thighs and makes comments on the hair there and that she is going to remove it. She also checks my cock and touches it and makes a comment. Then she orders me: " kneel on your knees , take off my shoes and smell my feet, (it would be better if they are slightly smelly) and after a while I take off her socks and keep smelling and kissing them for about 10 minutes. She asks me to pull down her pants and inspect the smoothness of her legs and thighs using my hands and mouth and then she commands to smell her underarms and check their smoothness.

    Then she decides to give me a sample of each slave punishment. She becomes more cruel and starts with the cane on the palms of my hands asking me to open them properly , then tells me to raise up my feet and she canes my soles after she ties them together, then spanks my bare bottom with her hands then with the cane, the positions for bottom spanking is either putting my head between her legs or resting one of her feet on my back. Showing me how but not actually implementing a whipping session on the back, some dog training like putting the leather rope round my neck and walking me as a dog, throwing her shoe and asking me to bring it back with my mouth several times. I am given a 2-minute break after each punishment during which I smell her feet. During all my punishments I like to be touched all the time and prefer my caning to be medium and not harsh as I can't afford to have marks.

    The most important part for me is to be able to smell my Mistresses feet, I prefer them to be smelly.

The following is a session request I had from foot slave kim and some pictures from our session.
a foot slave I am interested in a foot worship session with you Mistress Amanda. I would like you to fill my mouth with your feet allowing me to suck your toes and lick, kiss and worship your beautiful feet. I would like you to squeeze my cock with your toes. I really like beautiful, soft, well manicured feet.
foot slave bliss foot slaves desire

So many interesting foot slaves to choose from!


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