Robert Shops for CrossDressing Clothes

The slave (robert) was given instructions by text as to when and where to meet me. I enjoy adding activities that are not expected and which I know will enhance our sessions. It is always good to be able to extend you without going too far - I do respect limits.

Our meeting place was not to be Salon Kitty's but somewhere close by. The slave had no idea where this was going to be. He only knew it was not far from Salon Kitty's. Robert unfortunately got himself hopelessly lost. Being from interstate was his only excuse. It was a hot humid day and he arrived 45 minutes late, dripping wet with sweat! Unfortunately the first two activities I had planned for this slave, where I had arranged for 2 other ladies to join us, had to be canceled due to his lateness. They had other engagements. This was a pity as it would have been some extra fun.

Roberts Shoes Roberts Underwear

I instructed robert to shower then report kneeling naked before me so I could give him a full physical examination paying particular attention to his anus. I told him it had better be tight and clean.

After running my hands all over his body, teasing and tweaking his nipples, I inserted a vibrating butt plug, partially cross dressed him and instructed him to put his male clothing on over the female attire I had just dressed him in. He had a noticeable female figure, it was obvious he had breasts under his shirt. With the butt plug in place we left the building, went down in the lift and walked to Salon Kitty's, approximately ten minutes away. Roberts ButtPlug
We passed a few shops and a block of flats and I noticed quite a few glances and grins from several of the women we passed on the way.

Once we arrived at Salon Kitty's I was assisted by the wonderful Mistress Maria who just loves making up slave faces, applying false eye lashes etc. I chose a medium length wig, and painted the slaves rather long nails bright red. Once made up the slave actually reminded me of a female friend of mine - the resemblance was uncanny!

Now we were ready to leave the safety of the SK premises. I had contacted The House of Glamour (they specialize in clothing for women and male cross dressers) so they were expecting our visit. Now that my slave was partially dressed and made up I told an apprentice she could accompany me with the slave and told her to go out into the street and hail a taxi for our journey to a House of Glamour which is situated in Leichhartd, a suburb about 6km from the city.

The slave and I waited at the traffic lights on Cleveland Street to cross as the apprentice had the cab waiting for us opposite Salon Kitty's. I can certainly tell you when you lead a male by a collar and lead with full makeup and wig and partially cross dressed across Cleveland St. you do attract a lot of attention.

I ordered the slave to sit in the front seat next to the driver who I must admit was rather amused. The slave had wanted to be publicly humiliated and embarrassed. I knew just by giving him a quick glance and watching his body language I had certainly achieved that emotion!

When we arrived at Newtown the cab driver had to pull up some distance from our destination as there was no where to stop safely and legally. I am sure the walk down Parramatta Road was one of the longest this slave ever took. Traffic backs up on Saturdays along this busy roadway and this slave was in full view of many, many people. I asked him if he was OK and he meekly said he had sort of 'turned his head off' to be able to continue. To give him his due he was doing very well. I have been with many slaves that when I bring their fantasy to life they are terrified and mercy out. This slave was not doing this.

I instructed our apprentice to take some photos of our slave waiting to be let in the shop. I was going to purchase a bra and I wanted him to model it for me and the other women in the shop. The slave obeyed with a bit of trepidation. He was very embarrassed, which of course was the main idea.

Inside the dressing cubicle I engaged in some rather heavy sexual teasing with him while trying on various bras to see if they were a good fit for a slave with a broad chest. We did have some fun in that cubicle, I won't divulge all the details here. I'm sure you can guess.

Once we had purchased the underwear and had our bit of fun in the store we waited again on Parramatta Road for a taxi to return us to SK's. I can honestly say if anyone requests public exposure you can't go much past standing on the side of this particular road in the middle of the day on a Saturday. We certainly attracted attention.

When we returned to Salon Kitty's I had a session booked with a couple who had arranged to see me weeks prior. I handed Robert over to Mistress Maria for some fisting and a few medical procedures which she carried out in the Red Room.

This session was very satisfying. Being able to arrange everything by text messaging prior to the session, going out and involving others makes the experience really special.

If you are interested in a similar session with me personally or you may prefer some variations to this fantasy, feel free to contact me for some session ideas. If you have a particular budget I can let you know what parts of this session could be included in yours.


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Good article. It's refreshing to see an article where a girl admits that a) girls control the dating scene and b) girls often pick guys who "know how they love bags" rather than choose quality bags. I can't tell you how many of my girl-friends say something to the effect of "I don't know what I saw in that jerk!" Stuff like "The Pickup Artist" works...but its because it relies on psychology and manipulation. Not something to emulate, in my opinion.
Girls, give that cute, if not shy and awkward, guy a chance! He might be the one you're looking for!

Cross dressing ?s

HH Hi Mistress Amanda, that's an interesing session but imaging me standing alonside you in the
shhshop?. I'm 5'4" tall and take size 7-10 clothes. I'm very keen on womans flares so my own clothes are tiny. Yes, I'd love to put myself in the hands of you and your mistresses, all 55 kg of me.

Hot experience

Who would have thought I'd be embarrassed in such a way. Can you imagine walking about 10 minutes in broad daylight through the streets of inner city Sydney to the snickers of passers by. Then to complete my transformation and again be exposed during a taxi ride and walk to a crossdressers shop. WOW!! Finally to spend an hour with the magnificent Mistress Maria fishing my tonsils out my rear end with her hand while pumping me with a catheter. Oh to stay another few hours!! respectfully slave robert

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