The Salon Kitty Roster.

As most of you know I update our weekly roster every Monday and if you check early in the afternoon it is usually complete. However, there are occasions when the women want to change their times, or a roster change has not been carried over from the previous week. There are times when we may adjust the roster two or three times in a day to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

It is always a good idea if you press your 'refresh' button when viewing our roster more than once on the same day just in case one of these changes has been made.

Some women do come in for bookings when they are not rostered on if they are available to do so and some of us (like myself) are often in the House but not on roster.

We do endeavour to keep the roster as up to date as possible. If you want to book a lady off roster you need to phone 9318 2477 and arrange to make your deposit with the receptionist.