How safe is it to receive golden showers?

Urophagia (technical term for golden showers) is on the whole considered harmless because the urine of healthy individuals is sterile. If you didn't already know it urine is primarily comprised of water, urea (proteins and amino acids), uric acid, and other bodily wastes. Naturally a risk exists to a recipient of a golden showers if the Mistress has a disease.

This is an excellent reason why all of you should be careful that any woman you visit for such a GS is working in a clean hygienic environment because if she isn't fussy about the place she works, her attitude towards her own health will be much the same.

Urine from women who are ill, or regularly taking medication, should not be consumed. There is no known risk of HIV transmission through contact with urine in or on your body however Hepatitis and other infectious organisms may be passed on to anyone who ingests the urine of an infected person.

The women at Salon Kitty's take great care of their health, and as you know it is House Policy for the women to take time out if they are not feeling well (a fact which frustrates some of you at times).

I presume our Health Policy and attitude towards hygiene is one of the main reasons why so many of our clients visit us for golden showers because you know you can feel confident when it comes to your health and safety.

For your information, prior to a toilet slave sessions most of us consume a carbonated drink, plus many large glasses of purified water which help neutralize our urine making it even more safe for your consumption.

After a session where a slave consumes a number of 'GS' I usually advise my slaves to drink plenty of water so as to flush the excess urea out of their body. Also, if you add a tablespoon of baking soda to your glass of water you will find it can assist in neutralizing the acidity caused by the urine in your stomach.



thankyou its good to know

thankyou its good to know that it is safe as i regularly enjoy it too.
but i am wonering is there a record for the most amount of golden showers drunk in one session, id like to know so i can beat it

thank you

Thank you Mistress Amanda for supplying this very important info.

Quite often I've heard people falsely state that infections/bugs/germs, etc cannot be carried via urine. And off they go getting themselves into all sorts of risky situations.

But as you point out, in most cases, urine is sterile and safe. However, when there is a bodily infection of some type, it can be transfered via urine. That latter is not known by a lot of people, I've found in my experience.

Thanks again for the honesty and the accuracy :-)

The more people know of the risks, and how to minimise them, the more chance of people enjoying a long, healthy sex life.

Amen to that ;-)