Mistress Amanda Dwyer

As Head Mistress and Owner of Salon Kitty's Australia's iconic and internationally recognized BDSM, Fetish and Fantasy Establishment now in its 27th year of operation, I have made my mark as Australia's foremost Dominatrix. My aim has always been to make Salon Kitty's a very special place, a haven for all BDSM and Fetish enthusiasts.

Education - Training - Counseling.
I see myself as a Mistress Educator. I am a qualified sex therapist/counselor and telephone crisis counselor. I have a B.A. in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Health Science specializing in Sexual Health (University of Sydney) and I am a member of The Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers & Therapists. I oversee one of the most versatile Professional Mistress Training Regimes in the world and view 'Master Training' as an essential part of BDSM interaction.

One of my greatest pleasures is to mentor a young woman who wants to be a Pro Domme. My approach is to offer guidance and support, teach the technical side of BDSM and act as a role model for the young woman in her chosen career.
My philosophy with any lady who wants to take up Mistressing as a career is to teach them not to be like me but to develop their own style and let their persona grow and develop over time.

Are you interested in BDSM but don't quite know where to start? Maybe your wife/partner has an interest and you'd like to know a bit
more about it and get some practical experience? Or maybe you or your partner would like someone to guide you through a selection of

I offer PRIVATE personalized training sessions and relationship counseling for men and women (individuals and couples) who want to explore/expand their current knowledge. My training sessions are tailored to an individual/couples needs and areas of interests. I compile a session/s which based on these interests. There is no point in taking up time with activities which have no fascination to you(or your partner).

If you think you may need counseling or you want to understand your sexual fantasies/desires a little better you may find a private confidential consultation will help you shed some light on your interests/feelings. You can email or phone/text me if you want more information.

In truth, psychological sadomasochism mostly takes place in the brain - the ultimate erogenous zone. This is one reason why the anticipation prior to your session is so exciting. My personal interests, approach and methods in BDSM and Fetish are wide and varied - having grown and expanded over the years. I still enjoy the thrill of introducing a novice to BDSM and female domination. I firmly believe that the first step into exploration of fantasies is and always should be a cathartic and sexually satisfying experience. I like to be there to share and be part of your unique introduction and training and pride myself in being able to guide you in the direction you need to go.

If you click on the menu item "Sessions" you will find a very small example of the styles of sessions I have carried out which may give you some ideas for your own session content. In some of these examples I have given a more detailed description of the activities carried out with accompanying photographs.

Frist, I regard discretion and hygiene as paramount, one reason why Salon Kitty's has been held in such high
esteem here in Australia and internationally.

I like to have My slaves under My control in mind and body. When you relinquish all control and responsibility for your behaviour the consent itself is very sexy and a powerful aphrodisiac for both of us. My aim is to give you a variety of sensations which will give you a sexual and emotional freedom which can only be experienced when one is not in control. I respect your limits but enjoy giving you a challenge. I have a strong powerful personality, I am intelligent, sophisticated, and highly skilled in a wide variety of BDSM and Fetish activities. I aim for an intimate and intense physical and emotional experience.

Some of my sessional interests (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Age play – Adult Babies, Mother/son fantasies.
  • Anal tease, dildo training, Fisting.
  • Bondage – light to heavy restraints, latex restriction.
  • Boot, shoe & foot worship
  • Cock & Ball Torture
  • Corporal Punishment – Discipline - light to heavy
  • Couples - fantasies and instruction.
  • Cross Dressing/ Forced Feminization.
  • Dog Training
  • Domestic Discipline - over knee, strap, cane and hair brush.
  • Erotic Tease and Torture – pain/pleasure sensations, body worship.
  • Electric Torture
  • G/S, B/S
  • Fantasy role play.
  • Humiliation – verbal, physical, public display.
  • Interrogation – Military/other.
  • Introduction into BDSM and Salon Kitty's
  • Master/Mistress Training
  • Orgasm Denial
  • School Mistress/school boy/girl.
  • Training - traditional slave, slut, toilet and Maid.
  • Water Sports.

During my career I have appeared in endless local and overseas television documentaries, current affairs programs, chat and panel shows, given countless interviews on radio and to the print media always with one goal in mind - to educate and to demystify the artful practice of Female Domination and BDSM. My aim has always been to assist as many people as possible to feel comfortable in themselves with their chosen form of alternative sexual interests. I have launched books, been consulted by governments, police and researchers. I have acted as spokesperson for the sex industry and been an advocate for sanity in our scene and in the wider sex industry.

Public Humiliation for Tony Abbott.

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to public humiliation (a request made by many if the BDSM scene and one that was very
popular at Salon Kitty's) politicians engage in this activity globally.

They are repeatedly humiliated, disparaged and ridiculed often in the most cruel and personal ways. I can imagine many of you saying that "it goes with the job" and admittedly one would have to agree.

However, I look at Tony Abbott today, our elected Prime Minister having to endure like so many before him a type of humiliation
that I am sure gives him no form of sexual or emotional gratification.

No matter what side of politics you barrack for being humiliated on the world stage must take some guts to smile through. Even if
it does come with the job it is something that most of us wouldn't want to bear.

Tough days ahead for Malcolm Turnbull, it will be interesting times ahead.....

Hello to all - news re: Mistress Imperia

It has been some time now since I have written anything in my blog. I have been
amazed at how quickly the time has passed since we sold Salon Kitty’s earlier
this year. In actual fact I have been really busy, I haven’t been swallowed
up by a black hole, I have been writing a fair bit and hope to share some of my
musings with you shortly.

This current blog badly needs updating. It has had a lot of bugs which have been
really annoying. We have been working on a new website and blog but it hasn’t
been at the top of my list of priorities.

My Mum died recently, she had been very ill so naturally I gave her as much time that
I could these last few months and I am so glad that I was able to. I miss her terribly.

In the near future I hope to bring you some news and interviews.

One major thing I would like to announce is that I have had a lot of very positive
feedback from people who have visited the beautiful, talented Mistress Imperia. If
you didn't know she has modern specialist premises fully equipped with a Dungeon/Medical
room and Cross Dressing Studio.

If you have never met Imperia, or if you haven’t seen her for some time I would
suggest you contact her via email at domina@y7mail.com or you can call her
on 0404 960387.

Check out her website, you will be glad that you did.


Catching up with Coco.

If you would like to get in contact with Coco please take note of her details and check out her new
website. I would highly recommend Coco, she has a real genuine interest in fetishes and kinky activities,
and she is very sexy.

Email address: kinkycoco1@hotmail.com

A new BDSM Establishment will be opening in the near future.

I am so excited to announce that a new legal BDSM establishment will be opening in Sydney which I believe will be
modern and exciting and operated by an experienced woman whom many of you already know.

Not everyone wants to go to a "private" Mistress. I have to say there are women currently advertising on the internet
who applied to me for an apprentice position at Salon Kitty's whom I rejected. These ladies somehow in a matter of a
few weeks gain "years of experience" (and someone who can build a website for them). All of a sudden they appear
as "experienced" advertising themselves as having worked for years "privately".

Some of these ladies can be very dangerous. Anyone who turns up for an interview obviously under the influence of
"something" is not the type you want to take on as an apprentice let alone visit for a session.

I will give you more information about the new establishment as soon as I can.

Dungeon Space - availability in Sydney.

A lot of people have been asking me about vacant Dungeon hire space. There does appear to be a great lack of
legal space for people who just want to hire a dungeon and don't want to visit a Mistress or go to an establishment.
I know when we had Dungeon hires at SK's some people would rather have gone to a place which wasn't known
as a BDSM House.

At the moment I know there are people looking for spaces so if you know of a space in Sydney please let me know so
as I can pass the information on to those who are keen to know. Quite a few of the former SK ladies would love to be able
to see you in a "private dungeon" and continue to be private operators themselves.

The result of the auction.

I am pleased to say that most items that were sent to the auction sold. Lawson's were very
efficient and we were very happy with the job they did.
I am sorry a few of the pieces that were meant to be "put aside" for individuals were cataloged
early in the piece. We actually did sell the majority of the larger equipment to a few of the women and
Conrad prior to the auction.

I’ve got to say I was really quite shocked at how much some items went for while others went for
a song - but then that is what an auction is all about. I just hope everyone got what they wanted.

I didn’t attend myself however I knew a lot of people who did go along and I was very surprised when
they reported to me the sheer joy and excitement some people showed when they were the highest bidder.
One person told me “you would think she won the lottery the way she reacted, just shows how much
Salon Kitty’s was admired” - I thought that was really quite sweet. :)

I’m still replying to messages and emails, and as I mentioned previously am very
humbled by your amazing comments. I will be taking a break in a couple of weeks
and not taking on any new clients till the end of my break (exact date not known) Hopefully I will have
my new website up then as well.

Former Salon Kitty's Mistresses.

Please check my blog entry Sun 31st March as I keep adding contact details of former Mistresses of Salon Kitty's as I receive

What will I be doing.

I have had a lot of questions regarding what I will be doing in the future. Naturally I intend to take life at a bit of a slower pace for a short time.
Running SK's was not easy. I will expand on some of the many responsibilities we had to deal with on a daily basis in my book. I can tell you there were many sleepless nights worrying about all those responsibilities that most people would probably never think of.

Anyway, after a bit of a break I intend to continue BDSM Counselling, coaching, guidance, training and consultations.
I will have a new website which will elaborate on what I will be doing in the not too distant future.

Catalogue is now available for bidding.

First of all my new email address is:

We regret the delay in being able to give you the url below - unfortunately as I said previously, there were complaints
about the content of the auction by some people hence a delay in getting up the catalogue for online bidding.

I have had heaps of questions regarding what is available and who it would suit. If you are a budding Dominatrix
and setting up your own dungeon there are used and new items that should interest you. There are heaps of "fantasy
sex" uniforms and attire, lots of XD clothing, particularly boots and shoes in large sizes, latex wear for men and women
as well as a huge range of corsets in all sizes. There are new and used CBT toys, at least 4 chastity devices new in their
box plus lots of discipline equipment, sex toys, strap on harnesses, a couple of violet wands, a sounds set, enema and
medical equipment (including fleets). There were some items we had to withdraw (because of prudish attitudes)
however most lots have been arranged so as there is a variety of items in each lot.

There are a few large pieces and a couple of sets of a block and tackle for suspension but these items would be best
viewed on site.

Anyway, if you are interested check out the catalogue. I am hoping that there will be heaps of bargains for Pro's and amateurs
in the BDSM scene. Our main wish is that the items will continue to give pleasure and pain to all who use them.

You can click here for catalogue and bidding

If you find you need to ask a question regarding any of the items you can phone David on 0418 280846. Leave a message if
unattended and we will get back to you.

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