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Introducing Saphira - ACTIVE pre-op Transsexual.

Do check out Mistress Saphira's personal page with her Bio. and pics.

Saphira has been with us for a short while and is keen to meet people who are looking for an erotic encounter
with a transsexual, and/or a very soft introduction to BDSM.

Mistress Movements - Devonia, Lucida, Mico and Maria.

Mistress Devonia has taken a few days off and expects to be back on roster from Sat. 14th April, Sunday and

Mistress Lucida is is off until 25th April.

Mistress Maria is off for a couple of weeks and will be returning on 23rd April.

Mistress Mico will be away from 20th April returning to roster on Monday 30th April.

If you have emailed these ladies in the last few days you may not get a reply until they return so please
do not think you have been ignored.

We have enough volunteers thank you.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to be available for some training workshops for some new ladies who will
be commencing shortly. I can't see that we will be doing anything until after Easter at this stage. I will be
in touch.

Visiting prior to and during Easter.

Just a little reminder. If you want to visit us this week and during the Easter break it would be a good idea to phone and make your booking as we do give preferences to clients who book. The SK number is 9549 5200.
Sometimes prior to Easter and during the break we can get a little busy so it is much better for us (and ultimately you as well) if we know to expect you.

This also applies for Dungeon Hire as Easter seems to be a time when people want to play.

Good Friday - closed.

Just a reminder that we are closed on Good Friday but will be open over the weekend and Monday.

Volunteers for new trainees wanted.

Over the last week I have interviewed many ladies who are keen to start work at Salon Kitty's.
With that said I am now looking for volunteers who would be keen to be used by our new trainees
in workshops or more personalized instruction. If you are interested please email me with the
sort of activities you would be keen to submit to or engage in.

I am particularly looking for submissive males who are keen to be used for the following:
Bondage, CBT, anal play and tease, Medical fantasies (enema's and catheters) as well as light electrical.

If you have other interests that you wouldn't mind being available for please let me know.
At this stage I am not looking for anyone to engage in the more advanced or intense activities.

A list of the times you could be available would also be appreciated.

Experienced Dominatrix and trainee Mistresses wanted.

We are currently looking for ladies who are interested in working at Salon Kitty's. We are now 27 years old and
would love to hear from sex workers who would like to expand their horizons or ladies who have a genuine
interest in BDSM. Students have found SK's to be a great place to work so if you are looking for part time
work you might like to consider entering the amazing world of Female Domination.

Feel free to email me - for more information.

Mistress Zoe.

Mistress Zoe has decided to take time out from working in the BDSM scene professionally at this stage
in her life and is putting more time into other interests.

My apologies for not letting anyone know this earlier however she did not inform me that she
had made this decision till well after the date she had told me she was going to return to roster.

Mistress Brittany.

Mistress Brittany has moved interstate to pursue other interests, however
she has said that she may return for visiting shifts at Salon Kitty's in the future.

All of us at SK's wish her well.

Mistress Kartia has returned to roster.

Mistress Kartia has returned from overseas and is keen to catch up with all her admirers.

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