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Mistress Movements: who is going where, and when!

There are quite a few interesting changes for Mistresses at Salon Kitty's. Mistress Devonia will be going overseas shortly so if you want to catch up with her before she departs you should make a firm booking asap. She will be leaving on 4th May. Mistress Imojen from Brisbane has decided to settle in Sydney permanently instead of visiting on a three weekly basis. We are certainly happy to have her join the Salon Kitty's team. More photos and information will be going on the website regarding Mistress Imojen shortly. Mistress Brittany is back with us on Wednesday evenings, naturally we are glad to have her with us again. Mistress Kalyss will be returning in early May. The dates she will be available for bookings are

  • Wed. May 9th: Anytime.
  • Thurs. May 10th: Anytime,
  • Fri. May 11th: until 9.00pm.
  • Mon May 14th to Thur May 17th: Anytime,
  • Friday May 18th: Until 6pm.

I would strongly suggest you phone to make a booking or contact Mistress Kalyss personally: Currently our new apprentices who have been consistently showing great promise are Olivia , Helga, Maya, Morgan and very recently Ashley. We are slowly adding their details to the website. Mistresses Morgan and Olivia have some pictures up at present.

Now for some interesting news.

So, life at Salon Kitty's over the past couple of months has been very interesting to say the least. There has been quite a bit of movement at Salon Kitty's over the last few months. We've had Mistresses going overseas or taking long breaks, others returning, a couple will be visiting in the very near future plus we've had the largest group of apprenticies commencing their careers at the same time. I am happy to say that many of you have been glad to welcome the new ladies into your sessions and I appreciate the feedback you have given me and the receptionists. I will add here there has been a negative aspect. Unfortunately on some days/evenings we just didn't have enough ladies to be able to engage in the style of House Promotions you have grown accustomed to so we decided to hold off commencing them until our roster is more evenly balanced. I'm glad to say that situation is slowly starting to change as the apprentices gain experience. If you haven't met any of our new ladies as yet do make time to come in and introduce yourselves. I'm seriously thinking of presenting a special session titled The Apprentices Introduction to give you and the apprentice a chance of meeting in the Dungeon. Let me know if you are interested and I will discuss this idea with the young ladies. I'm sure the women would be intrigued to know what you would be expecting at this time in their careers.

First new journal entry.

I have finally switched over to my new journal, unfortunately it has taken a lot longer than expected. My only excuse being I've found this year has been incredibly busy for me, much more than usual which means less time at the computer. At the end of March I was in Adelaide and then we had Easter, immediately after that I was engaged in a research project which took much longer than expected. So here we are now near the end of April! Anyway, I will gradually add topics and would appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see.

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