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Mistress Sarskia

Mistress Sarskia is currently on a break and will be returning in early June. Many of you have been wanting to see Her over the last few weeks so I would advise you to make an advanced booking during the last week in May if you want to see Mistress Sarskia as soon as She returns. I will keep you updated on Her movemenst in this Blog.

Mistress Arna.

You will have noticed that at present Mistress Arna is not on roster - She is working by appointment only.

There are times when Mistresses take themselves off roster for various reasons (as sometimes I find the need to do) but continue to see their regular clients. If you wish to see Mistress Arna, one of Australia's most experienced Pro Dommes you may have to wait untill Mistress Arna advises She will be returning to a regular roster.

Mistress Kalyss.

Just a reminder that the exotic Mistress Kalyss will be with us very soon. If you would like to arrange a session with Mistress Kalyss it would be best to phone 9318 2477 to make an advanced booking as Kalyss is only with us for a short period. As far as I know at this point Her last booking will be taken on Friday 18th May before 6.00pm. If Mistress changes Her mind I will make a note of it here in the Blog.

Mistress Devonia

For those of you who have been emailing regarding Mistress Devonia: to answer your questions she is at present in the U.S. and is enjoying a well earned rest while taking in as many sights as possible.

I am sure she will have plenty to tell everyone on her return in a few weeks time. I will keep you updated with any information.

Mistress Tamika.

Mistress Tamika from Melbourne will be visiting us from 18th to 20th May inclusive.

Tamika is experienced, young and very attractive . Her Bio. together with her sessional intersts and photos will be on the website shortly.


Happy 4th July to all our clients from the U.S!

For as long as I can remember we have had clients from the U.S. Many never fail to come in for

a session when they visit Sydney and over the years I have had the pleasure to have met a number

of wonderful people.

On behalf of all at SK's we wish you a Happy and Peaceful 4th July.




Apprentices having fun

If you haven't already met some of our new apprentices you must take the time to come in and introduce yourselves to them. In the next couple of weeks we will be introducing an Apprentice Special session, as most of the ladies have now had enough experience to conduct a variety of sessions by themselves.

Take a look at Helga and Maya, re-enacting their session with the slave they shared in session and obviously enjoying the memories! Also, check out the new pictures of Morgan and Olivia - information regarding their biography will be available very soon.

The Salon Kitty's Beauty Pageant

We are going to hold another Salon Kitty's Beauty Pageant some time in October, the exact date to be set. The expression "Image is Everything" is not just a saying, it is a reality. The Salon Kitty's Beauty Pageant is concerned with your feminine image and identity. Judges will be Mistresses from Salon Kitty's and a couple of guest judges who we will be named at a later date. What the judges will be looking at is your poise and movement, the way you walk and gesture, and how you co-ordinate your gestures. They will want to view your ability to present your self as an attractive sensual female. Those who were involved in our last Pageant and our Pageant Preparation Classes will have a good idea how it works. If you would like to join us this year and want further information feel free to email me.

Mistress Star

I am so pleased to inform you that Mistress Star has returned to Salon Kitty's. It is so good to have one of the familiar faces returning, particularly with so many ladies recently leaving to go overseas or taking a break. Do check our website roster to see when Mistress Star will be available.

Mistress Kalyss

The Stunning Mistress Kalyss will be returning shortly. Mistress Kalyss will be available for appointments as follows:

  • Wed May 9th: Anytime
  • Thur May 10th: Anytime
  • Fri May 11th: Until 9pm
  • Mon May 14th to Thur May 17th: Anytime
  • Friday May 18th: Until 6pm

If you would like to arrange a booking with Mistress Kalyss you can phone Salon Kitty's on 9318 2477 or contact Mistress Kalyss directly.

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