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Submissives and slaves please note.

The following is a copy of an email I received recently which is a perfect example of what NOT to do.

Mistress Tamika arriving tomorrow.

The beautiful Mistress Tamika will be arriving tomorrow at Salon Kitty's to spend a few days with us.

Email addresses.

I know I have mentioned this previously but many of you have several email addresses and it really makes it difficult when you phone, say your name is 'Bob', you want us to chase up an email BUT neglect to tell us that you contact us under several different names and addresses such as Superman, HairyHarry, Toiletseat or slaveboy007, all at hotmail, yahoo, etc.

If you could stick to the one email address when making contact with us it would help dramatically when we are trying to contact you.

Electric Workshop - Volunteers required.

We are going to be holding a few workshops shortly and are looking for volunteers from electric torture fans who are regular visitors to SK's. We already have one person for our CBT workshop however someone for an electric worshop would be great.

You need to contact me with information regarding your levels of tolerance etc. a mobile contact number and the times you would be available. We prefer someone who is from Sydney and not having to travel a great distance to attend.

Net Problems.

Unfortunately our website was out for over 24 hours. This was a problem which was totally out of our control, evidently there were a number of people affected. Anyway, all is fine now and hopefully any further roster changes will be completed by Wednesday.

Mothers Day.

What a gorgeous day it was today, weather perfect for the various picnics in the park and autumn bar-b-que's to celebrate Mothers Day. We had a pretty quiet day at SK's today, most people out visiting their Mothers.

"Happy Mothers Day" to all Pro Dommes!

Visiting Mistress Tamika.

How lucky Sydney slaves are at present. We have another beautiful and expereienced young Mistress visiting us from Melbourne for the weekend Friday 18th May till Sunday 20th. You will be able to see a link to Mistress Tamika on our roster next week.

Do take the time to come in and meet her and check her bio. and details on our website roster week commencing 14th May.

Volunteer Wanted - Age Play Scenario

At present we are looking for a volunteer who has an interest in Age Play. You will be photographed for the website though your identity will remain protected and anonymous. If you would like to be involved please email me for more information and your availability.

Dropping In vs Bookings.

Judging from some of the emails I have been receiving there seems to be some confusion about calling in to SK's without a booking. Some of you still seem to believe you MUST have an appointment and it seems one of our trainee receptionists gave out this information thinking this was the way we operated.

As I have mentioned previously we do give preferences to bookings. Without a booking, you may have a longer waiting period, if there is a particular lady you want to see she may not be free at the time you call in or she may have a prior booking with not even the time to spare to dash in and say 'hello'. (Some of you get quite offended when this occurs which is most upsetting for all of us).

On the other hand, you may find that it all works in your favour, that is a chance you have to take if you do want to come in without a booking. We do understand there are those of you who on occasion find you have some unexpected spare time on your hands and prefer to drop in for a session without making a committment. You are certainly welcome.

Slaves who let us down.

Recently we were expecting a slave who promised he would be available for one of the Mistresses at a particular day and time. He did not arrive nor did he notify us that he was not going to be present. In the meantime we discover that this slave offers his services all over Sydney, anything he can get for nothing - which ultimately demonstrates what he really thinks of us and all the other women he 'offers' to serve.

The result is that this slave never remembers where he is supposed to be or when.

I tell you now slave peter, you will NEVER be contacted by any Mistress at Salon Kitty's again. Certainly not our loss, but I can't say the same for you.

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