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Mistress Sarskia.

Mistress Sarskia will be returning to roster and will be available on Tuesday 5th June from 10.30am. Mistress Sarskia will be also available the following Saturday, however at this stage I believe her roster will be changing the following week. Anyway, if you want to make sure, check the website roster week commencing 4th June.

Mistress Imojen.

I am pleased to say I have heard from Mistress Imojen (currently interstate) who will be returning and available for sessions again after 12th June. Since her arrival at Salon Kitty's Mistress Imojen has made a definite impact and has attracted many keen slaves who have informed me how much they admire her abilities. If you are interested in making a booking in advance feel free to do so by phoning the receptionist. I know how keen Mistress Imojen is to return to the Dungeon.

Questionnaires and Session Suggestions.

While there is no substitute for sitting down and talking openly and honestly and at great length, questionnaires can be a great help. If for no other reason they can open up subjects and fantasies that you may not have thought about. For some, this can be a far more comfortable method to explain what you want to do (or in some cases, what you definitely don't want) in your session.

Our client's fantasies (see the Salon Kitty's website) are often another good way to get ideas for your sessions. Alternatively you could fill in our check list on the SK website, or My own Personal Questionnaire (which I will email to you on request). The information from the questionaire assists us in creating a very special experience for individuals or couples.

Any Mistress traveling to.....

A common query I receive is "Are any Mistresses from Salon Kitty's intending to visit a certain country (most queries come from the United States).

Our policy is as follows: If you can't manage to find a Professional Dominatrix to satisfy your particular needs in your own country then either come and visit us here in Australia (much cheaper for you) or be prepared to pay airfares, accommodation and all expenses for TWO ladies (we don't send anyone alone to meet a total stranger). When women from Salon Kitty's travel overseas they are either on holiday or have already made their personal arrangements. Taking time out to meet up for drinks and dinner is the sort of situation arranged by the Mistress herself and not via an email or phone booking.

Mistress Katalina arives today.

Don't forget to introduce yourself to another visiting Mistress to Salon Kitty's, Mistress Katalina, who has some experience but hopes to pick up some extra skills while visiting us in Sydney. Katalina will be returning on a regular basis so if you don't get the opportunity to meet her during this visit you will certainly be able to meet her on her next visit which is from 26th to 29th June.


Quite a few of you have generously offered yourselves to be available for our Electric Torture Workshops.

I apologise for not replying to all your emails as yet. The problem is we are right in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year for University students (the reason why our roster is a little patchy at present). For this reason we have decided to hold our Workshops when everyone is finished with their exams. I will contact those of you who have kindly volunteered when we have our dates set and I will also publish the dates in this blog.

Mistress Katalina visiting us this week.

 Mistress Katalina from Queensland will be visiting us from Thursday 24th May and will be leaving Sunday (27th) evening.

Feedback on new apprentices.

Each lady who commences her training at Salon Kitty's is on a three month trial basis.I would love to hear from clients who in the past three months have seen the following ladies

Welcome Mistress Tamika.

Mistress Tamika had a keen slave all ready to meet Her in the Dungeon last night. I hope those of you who are intending on visiting

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