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Happy 4th July to all our clients from the U.S!

On behalf of all of us at SK's I would like to wish all our U.S. clients a very happy and peaceful 4th July. Ever since I commenced working at Salon Kitty's we have had visitors from the U.S. who inform me they never miss visiting us when in Sydney. We have been very fortunate to have met many great BDSM/Fetish enthusiasts over the years from all over the U.S. I trust they will continue to visit.

Mistress Movements

Mistress Britany, Helga and submissive Ashley are all on holidays at present and will be returning at the end of the month.

Mistress Devonia has left for the U.S. permanently and has advised she will be returning in around 6 months (or so) and has said she is interested in conducting sessions when in Sydney.

Mistress Arna has decided to take a break from the scene. As you would all know Mistress Arna has been working as a Pro Domme in Sydney for many, many years. We all wish her well, she deserves a break.

Infected piercings.

An email I was sent recently.....

I was at a party recently and I met with a couple who told me they were very experienced, even mentioned your name and said they knew you well. To make this short, I stupidly let the woman pierce my nipples, (she had rings with her, it was an impulse decision) and since then both my nipples have been producing a yellowish pus, sometimes there is a bit of blood present as well. Both my nipples are painful so I presume I have an infection? I had far too much to drink that night, I was stupid, I trusted A & B because they said they knew you. I had had it in my mind for a while to have some form of body modification with piercings so I guess I went about it the wrong way.

Any suggestions as to how I can treat this myself or what I should use?


I do wish people didn't go ramming bits of metal through their flesh just anywhere or allowing some idiot that says they know me or has read a couple of web sites do it either! Because body modification involves breaching one of the body's main protective barriers, the skin, it brings with it a high risk of infection if done improperly. Risks include hepatitis, tetanus, and HIV, which can lead to AIDS. Less serious local infections can cause illness, deformity and scarring.

In your position I would advise you to see a doctor asap.

With any piercing you need to get professional advice and have a professional actually do it. Years ago people could only get piercings from Pro Dommes and the occasional doctor, now it seems anyone thinks they can do it and hygienic surroundings don't even enter the picture.

Why lose the use of anything you have because of nerve or tissue damage? For instance, did you know that there are certain places on the tongue that should not be pierced.? It must be pierced in an area just behind the place where two veins join on the underside of the tongue. If not it can bleed a lot if any veins are punctured. Plan what you want to do in the future, ask questions, ask endless questions. You owe it to your body and your mind to make the right informed decisions.

Visiting Mistress Lady Jane with submissive Candy - 6th July +


Lady Jane and her African submissive Candy will be visiting us from Perth and will be available for bookings from Friday 6th July, as well as Saturday and Sunday evenings. The ladies may decide to take day bookings over the weekend but that will be totally up to them. You are welcome to phone on Saturday morning as the receptionist will have a good idea what times they will be available.

Lady Jane has informed me they pride themselves in offering excellent specialised services and get off on working together. They enjoy sessions with erotic content, cross dressing, dildo training, humiliation, and bondage and tease. Unfortunately their pics are on a pay website in Perth and you need to pay $20.00 for 7 days access. As we have never charged anyone a cent for viewing our website since 1997 I refuse to publish the url or expect you to pay to view.

If you would like to come along and meet these two lovely ladies from 6th - 9th July you are most welcome to do so.



If your fantasy is to have a Mistress control and dominate you by physical domination through wrestling you might like to know you share your interests with others who tell me:

  • I stress the wrestling session I want is not to be competitive - I just enjoy the workout and the eroticism
  • I like my face to be forced into her groin, somebody kicking with foot worship, teasing and some sassiness
  • I like wrestling to be competitive with someone who can keep holds and force me to submit. Someone with attitude would be nice.
  • I enjoy being overpowered by a strong woman. My favourite holds are schoolgirl pins, being sexually teased, head/scissor locks and having the Mistress sit on my face whether clothed or naked. I am looking for forced body worship and being forced to cum
  • My particular fantasy is to be captured by and forced to be a sex slave. I like forced body worship
  • I want a Mistress to force herself on me by manhandling and erotically wrestling me. I would like my Mistress to squeeze me in powerful arm or scissor locks with her legs and thighs. I would like her to sit on my face, forcing me to give her pleasure through licking until she climaxes.
  • My Mistress could force me to please her sexually in whatever way she likes. She then rapes me in the most exquisite and passionate way, including putting her finger up my arse. She could make me come by hand or we could discuss other options as well.
  • At times I like to be bound and helpless. At times she could pin me down with her own strength.
  • My torment is my inability to control the whole situation or my own desires.
  • The session can be as long as the Mistress wants. I would like her to be dressed in sexy lingerie.
  • I like the feeling of bare flesh, so no stockings, if possible. I like to be slapped and some light beating.
  • I like to be tormented by being felt all over sensually and I am unable to do anything.
  • I want my Mistress to be in full control.

Ladies who engage in wrestling sessions are Viveka, Sonja, Talon, Helga and Charlotte. Think about coming along for a similar session during July.

My Recent Absence.

Over the last couple of months my Mother has been very ill and hospitalised so as you can probably imagine most of my attention and time has been devoted to her care and support. I have really found it very difficult to focus on anything else. However, I am pleased to say that Mum is now on the mend, thanks to the wonderful staff of St. Vincents Hospital. Mum is currently involved in a rehabilitation program, (she calls her physiotherapists "bully boys"), but she is certainly much happier and brighter and hopefully out of hospital by the end of this week.

With this said, I am now able to re focus on Salon Kitty's as only the most pressing and essential matters have been brought to my attention recently. My apologies to those of you who have been waiting patiently to make a session booking with me, or for a lengthy reply to your email. I appreciate your patience as well as the messages of support I have received from those of you who know me well.

Now that I have the time and head space you can look forward to a slightly new look for the SK website which we should have completed over the next couple of days. Do let me know what you think.Laughing

Mistress Devonia.

Mistress Devonia will be returning from the United States this month and will be available again after 13th June.

I am not quite sure of her exact roster as yet but I dare say I will know more closer to her return.

Disturbing Information.

I am VERY disturbed when I hear from clients who inform me and the receptionists that they now feel they cannot return to Salon Kitty's.

The reason given for this is because a 'certain' Mistress has now left and is no longer conducting sessions and on roster.

Please don't ever feel obliged to see a particular lady. If she tells you that you must not see another Mistress at SK's I can assure you she is not a Domme. Rather, the lady is someone who is lacking in confidence and doesn't want you to be exposed to another women who may charge you less but give you more satisfaction in your session.

How safe is it to receive golden showers?

Urophagia (technical term for golden showers) is on the whole considered harmless because the urine of healthy individuals is sterile. If you didn't already know it urine is primarily comprised of water, urea (proteins and amino acids), uric acid, and other bodily wastes. Naturally a risk exists to a recipient of a golden showers if the Mistress has a disease.

This is an excellent reason why all of you should be careful that any woman you visit for such a GS is working in a clean hygienic environment because if she isn't fussy about the place she works, her attitude towards her own health will be much the same.

Urine from women who are ill, or regularly taking medication, should not be consumed. There is no known risk of HIV transmission through contact with urine in or on your body however Hepatitis and other infectious organisms may be passed on to anyone who ingests the urine of an infected person.

The women at Salon Kitty's take great care of their health, and as you know it is House Policy for the women to take time out if they are not feeling well (a fact which frustrates some of you at times).

I presume our Health Policy and attitude towards hygiene is one of the main reasons why so many of our clients visit us for golden showers because you know you can feel confident when it comes to your health and safety.

For your information, prior to a toilet slave sessions most of us consume a carbonated drink, plus many large glasses of purified water which help neutralize our urine making it even more safe for your consumption.

After a session where a slave consumes a number of 'GS' I usually advise my slaves to drink plenty of water so as to flush the excess urea out of their body. Also, if you add a tablespoon of baking soda to your glass of water you will find it can assist in neutralizing the acidity caused by the urine in your stomach.


Pricing reminder.

Many of you contact me asking the price of your session.

Even though I state quite clearly on the Salon Kitty's website that I do not quote on sessions for other women it seems that many people either miss this section on our website or choose to ignore it. I am mentioning this subject in my blog because I get rather sick of answering the same questions over and over.

I only quote on my own sessions, I don't really like giving a ball park figure as I find that some women do quote much higher than others. I know that I certainly wouldn't charge as much as some but then I do not control the prices set by the women theselves. However, it is a great pity when I hear from clients who inform me that they haven't returned for a session because the last Mistress (who has now left) overcharged him! This is infuriating when you know that there are many other Mistresses (including myself) who would have been just as interested and appropriate and would never think of overcharging. Please remember you are always free to nominate your budget to the receptionist, she in turn will inform the Mistresses. As we charge more on content than time we like to make sure your session contains the activities that most interest you.


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