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Volunteers - thank you.

I am pleased to say that I am beginning to get a few volunteers who have decided to update

their contact information as well as a few who have come through as volunteers for caning.

You can be sure I will be in contact on my return to Sydney.


Taking a few days off.

Now that I have my Mum home and settled I am taking a week out for a break, I feel I need it.

I will have limited internet access till 19th July but will and do check emails when I can.

Please don't expect a lengthy reply to your emails at present. If you have something that is

urgent please mark URGENT in the subject area and I will make sure it is attended to.Cool

Heavy Caning Volunteers?

Must be the cold that has kept volunteers away. Can't bear the thought of the cane bearing down on you?

Luckily there are some of you who keep the same email address as I have been able to contact someone

who will be most appropriate.

Please make sure if you want to be involved in free time with Mistresses during our Session Promotions

that you make sure I have your current email address or phone contact. I know some people have

missed out on the fantasy of a lifetime just because they have changed their contact details.




Attention Wrestling Fans

If you have a fantasy about being physically controlled by a woman take a look at the following url's.

Check my blog entry for Monday 2nd July for more ideas regarding Wrestling. Kiss



My Mum is finally home!

Glad to say after so many months of living in constant pain my mother is now much better and I was finally

able to take her home today. Back injuries are hideous and debiltating, the medication alone causes so many

other problems.

I can't tell you as a daughter the relief I feel now, non erotic pain is no fun at all to witness.

Mum's stay in hospital and the treatment she received has really made me think a great deal about

the way you are treated at SK's. I will go into these thoughts more seriously in this blog in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me messages of support, I (and Mum) appreciate it. Smile



Mistress Movements.

Submissive Ashley returns to roster this week on Friday evening. You can check out her details on:

I trust those of you who met with Lady Jane and her submissive Candy enjoyed the time you spent with them.

Volunteer required for a heavy caning.

First, thanks to all of you who volunteer and actually come through with your promise.

We are now looking for a volunteer to receive a heavy caning, there will be marks.

Naturally this is for a Salon Kitty's client and not someone unknown to us.

There is absolutely no charge, we require your submission mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, many of you consistently change your email addresses so when I contact

you my email bounces.

Please email me asap if you are interested with your bdsm history included.




Salon Kitty's New Look Front Page.

We decided our front page was far too bland and have revamped it slightly.

The Bulletin which we had been running for a few years has really become obsolete because all the latest news, events or whatever activities we are wanting to promote in the Dungeons of SK's are covered here in my blog.

I know many of you want us to change the website more frequently, but hey, take a look around, we actually change our site far more regularly than most others who claim to be our equal, we don't charge you for it and never have, and we are not a dead link like so many other sites.

I would love to get some feedback on what you think of our new look front page.

My Availability for Session Bookings.

Many of you have been wanting to know when I will be taking bookings again. I will be available from 21st. July (which is a Saturday).

I prefer you make your booking with me personally then confirm with the receptionist.

I do not take bookings on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to email me with your session details. I look forward to catching up with many of you in the near future.


Lady Jane and submissive Candy.

Don't forget Lady Jane and submissive Candy will be visiting us tomorrow evening. If you would like to come in and meet with them they should be available from 7.00pm (depending on the reliability of their flights). As always, there is never any obligation.

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