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Our roster.

Some of you have complained about our patchy roster. Yes, sometimes it is a bit erratic but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. The women nominate when they are available, some weeks they change their roster or if they have had a particularly demanding session they may decide to take some time out. Also, this time of year does tend to catch us out with colds and flu. I know a number of you have had to cancel bookings because of this as well.

Next Monday (30th July) evening and next Sat. 4th August after midday I know there will be a great mix of women on shift. If you have a particular lady who you like to visit it is always best to phone and make a definite booking instead of winging it and being dissapointed.

TS Mistress Veronica

To answer all the queries I have been receiving about Mistress Veronica she has informed me that she has been very busy in Brisbane lately and will not be visiting us until late August. She has not set her dates as yet but as soon as I am notified I will make sure her dates are published in this blog. It would be great if she were here when we visit the musical Priscilla.

Still time to register if you are interested.Laughing

Working at Salon Kitty's.

Mistress InductionMost ladies come to Salon Kitty's via word of mouth, via Mistress friends, out of personal interest in Female Domination or submission, and on our clients recommendations.

There are only ever a limited number of spaces available, however each year we devote a set time to receive new apprentices. Unlike most other sex industry situations, Professional Mistressing is a long term career - the average stay at Salon Kitty's is over three years.

Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing ladies for positions at Salon Kitty's. If you are interested please contact me via email for further information.


'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' - The Musical.

I'm thinking of getting a group of people together to see the musical 'Priscilla'. Preferably I'd like a group of Cross Dressers who would like to frock up together and generally have some fun. Dates I am thinking of are either 24th or 25th August.

This will only happen if there is enough interest. I'm going to go along in any case.

If you would like to be part of a group from Salon Kitty's please let me know no later than Sunday 26 th July as I will need to book. Please nominate the best date for you from those I have nominated, 1st. and 2nd choice please.Wink


Roster and Mistress Movements.

It is difficult constructing the roster when the flu has struck. Anyway, each year we do our best. I always ask the ladies not to come in if they have flu because dosing up so as one can soldier on only spreads the germs around. We also appreciate if you don't visit us if you believe you have flu symptoms.

Mistress Tahlia has left for a long awaited holiday overseas, I don't expect her back for some time. She deserves the break, we all hope she has a wonderful time. There are now quite a few ex SK ladies scattered around the globe.

Mistress Helga has returned from Europe and is keen to return to the Dungeon. Check her roster for this week.

A bit of nostalgia.

Met up with Joe, a client from the U.S. this morning who has been visiting me for twelve years so as you can imagine we know each other pretty well. He is staying in Melbourne this time round so our meeting was short and sweet and restriced to 4 coffees and a muffin.

However our meeting was long enoung for Joe to tell me that we at SK's really do offer a lot more services than many operators in the U.S. despite what the websites state. Can't say it is the first time I have heard this. I've noted Professional jealousy towards us from a few in the U.S., the fact we have been operating for 22 years and NOT in the U.S. seems to get up some noses. The number of people who have tried to register our name is astounding. That's life I guess.

Visited Mum this afternoon, she was so thrilled to see all the photos we had taken for her of her childhood home where 7 children were born in the front bedroom. We also took photos of her old primary school, the church, the main street, and most of all the Richmond River where she spent so many hours swimming and playing. I really enjoyed her tearful but most appreciative reaction, it was an emotional but also very rewarding experience. I do worry just how much longer Mum will be with us.

Thanks again to those of you who often offer words of support. I do appreciate it.

Early to rise.

I was in at SK's very early this morning and interviewed an attractive, tall young lady who is interested in training to be a Pro Domme. As it is that time of year again I will be interviewing ladies interested in working at Salon Kitty's.

I have returned to a pile of snail mail and paperwork, emails and meetings pending so I will email everyone who has shown interest in a session with me nominating the times I know I have available prior to publishing my roster times.

Back in Sydney.

I have returned to Sydney after touring the Northern Rivers of N.S.W. over the last week.

I have quite a few emails to attend to, the next week looks pretty full at present.

Those of you who have indicated your interest in a session with me it would be

really helpful if you could nominate dates you have in mind. My calendar is not

full but limited.

Roster is now updated.

Our online roster is now updated, as far as I am aware there have been no other alterations. If the lady you want to see is not on roster at the particular time you want to visit SK's we may be ableto arrange for her to come in off roster.  

Online Roster this week.

I'm in country N.S.W. and have found out my security system is so good I cannot log in to change the roster until I get back to the office on my return to Sydney.

Changes I know of at this point are Ashley who has changed her days this week and Morgan who is taking this week off.

Basically the roster will be much the same however if you want to double check the receptionists usually have a good idea on the day and you can phone them on 9318 2477.


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