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A day at The Studio.

Spent most of the day today sorting through equipment here at Salon Kitty's and at The Studio. I am moving a lot of the clothing etc. down here as having too much of it split between the two places doesn't always work.

We are commencing some rennovations shortly, the House is looking a bit tired, and I think we would all like a bit of a change. I always appreciate your suggestions and will be implementing some of your ideas in our mini makeover.


Mistress Lucida's last roster before holidays.

If you are wanting to see Mistress Lucida before she leaves for overseas I would suggest you phone 9318 2477 for a booking on Sunday. Lucida will be holidaying for three weeks so this will be your last opportunity for a while.


Mistress Brittany's return.

Many of you will be pleased to know that Mistress Brittany has returned from her holidays and will be back on roster next week. There is a good possibility that Mistress Brittany will be switching her evening roster from Wednesday to Thursday evening but this is yet to be confirmed. Check the roster next week in any case as I know there are quite a few of you waiting for her return.

Saturday night.

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback about the new look on our website, glad you like it.

You might like to check out the amazing mix of women who will be conducting sessions this coming Saturday night! With receptionist Leslie making sure things run smoothly you are guaranteed to have a great night with us.

Oh, and by the way, each lady on our website roster actually IS currently conducting sessions at SK's, I don't present a mixture of pics of women who don't exist or no longer work at SK's, never have and never will.


I don't know if it is the cold weather but I must say I am surprised at the lack of interest by Cross Dressers to attend the musical 'Priscilla'.For more years than I care to remember I have had people telling me how much they would love to have the opportunity to do something such as attend a musical while dressed as a woman. The price I am charging is only to cover transport, the ticket and any refreshments, I had no intention charging for your makeup, clothing, etc. With such a lack of interest I don't think I will bother offering something like this again. However, I and a couple of cross dressers plus some other friends are certainly looking forward to the show and I am positive we will have a great night.Frown


Our Australian Government.

Does anyone else feel embarrassed and ashamed about the way our government has treated Dr. Haneef? As if the David Hicks affair wasn't bad enough. Tampa was a total beat up prior to an election. Shame Howard, shame once again, can't you ever say sorry?! Cry

My roster this week.

I intended to be on roster myself today but have come down with a bad chest cold. Fortunately I haven't got the flu but I am certainly not going to be coughing and sneezing over everyone in at SK's today, I must practice what I preach. I sent out emails from 6.30am to postpone my bookings for today.I trust I will be ok by the end of the week for Friday and Saturday. I will keep you posted.

Our roster tonight.

No one should complain about our roster this evening. Kylie on reception with so many amazing ladies, take a look and see what I mean.

Please don't phone Me at 1.00am and complain that there was no one available when you dropped in!

Meeting up

Met up with a lovely lady this morning whom I have had an online relationship with now for some time. We met at the Qantas terminal and I could tell on our meeting that she was excited but nervous. We had an interesting day getting her settled in, I won't give out too much information at this point, but I admit I am glad she has finally arrived.Smile

Still time to register to see the musical Priscilla.

As I said previously the last day to register to see Priscilla with us is Sunday 29th July. I am not thinking of charging any more than covering costs for the show, transport and refreshments. The whole idea is to have a fun night out as a group. Don't let the opportunity pass you by as I have heard it is a fantastic show.


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