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Receptionists Meeting.

We held our receptionists meeting (which we do from time to time) early this evening and some very interesting points were raised by the receptionists. I always like to get feedback from these ladies as they are the first point of contact for many of you.

We are in the midst of making some House changes, some cosmetic, others operational, I will devulge all when everything is finalised.

I went to see Lucky Miles this evening at the Dendy, great film if you haven't managed to see it yet.

I will be on roster tomorrow and look forward to meeting with you in My Dungeons! Laughing


Fun day in at SK's.

We have had a pretty hectic day today. I caught up with some people I haven't seen for a while, new ladies commenced, the House was buzzing with energy. I am  now off to  dinner with some friends and will be back in at SK's tomorrow evening for a meeting. I am looking forward to catching up with many of you next week.

Attention Steve who visited us (today).

Could you contact SK's immediately as you seemed to have picked up the wrong watch!Cry


New Ladies commencing at Salon Kitty's.

A new apprentice Mortisha, commenced today and we are happy to have her join the Salon Kitty's team. I have also spoken with another 2 ladies who will be commencing their apprenticeship with us next week. With some of our most experienced ladies now holidaying overseas we have had a rather patchy roster. I will be back on roster each week myself from Monday 13th August and hopefully we have seen the last of the flu for this year, it hit our roster pretty badly for a few weeks.

Coming Events at Salon Kitty's!

I had conversations today with a few ladies regarding a couple of events we are planning in the near future. Slaves and Maids take note, some fun is in store for you!

I am not going to give out too many details just at this time until we have finalised everything but it is in your interest if you are a slave or crossdresser to make sure we have your CURRENT contact details so as YOU can be included in what we have planned. Laughing


Mistress Veronica coming with us to Priscilla!

After much discussion we have now booked our tickets for Priscilla for 1st September. Like many functions we arrange at SK's there have been a number of people contacting us because they now want to come along. I usually advertise something well in advance and I admit there was not as much notice for Priscilla only because tickets are selling really fast. Anyway, our tickets are booked, we are going to have Dinner as well and I must say we are looking forward to the night. Having Mistress Veronica along with us will add to the fun.

My apologies to all of you who did not see the notice on the website in time. We are thinking of starting a Social Club, probably under the Club Kitty banner. if any of you are interested please contact me or as she is now our 'Operational Manager' and will be in charge of organising our 'Social Calendar' Kiss



Received this email today.

These comments were sent to me from one of our very favourite SK clients. I thought I would publish it as it does show how when ladies go out of their way to make sure a session goes well it is appreciated.

Dear Mistress Amanda, 
 On Thursday last week I once again had a session that did not turn out as I expected. 
 Again, I'm sure you'd be interested to hear about this, because yet again the situation
 reflected much credit on those involved, this time Mistresses Ruben and Star. 
 As Dr John Titzogler, I had a straightforward switch session arranged with Nurse Trixie
 for Thursday just after lunch.  That was the day Ruben would be returning after celebrating
 her birthday on Wednesday.  We both thought everything was all set to go.  But then the 
unexpected happened.  Unhappily, Ruben spent her birthday in bed and has still not been able
 to return to SKs.  But despite being ill, Ruben went to a great deal of trouble on my behalf.  
She figured that this particular scenario would be equally well handled by Mistress Star, so on 
her own initiative Ruben discussed it with Star.  Then she phoned me and offered me the 
alternative she had already tentatively arranged for me.  I'd never met Mistress Star, but, 
recognising that Ruben knows me well and also knows Star well, I immediately accepted Ruben's 
judgment and so I immediately confirmed her tentative arrangement with Star.  
At less than a day's notice, Star then came in specially for the appointment time I had previously
 arranged with Ruben and we had a simply marvellous session.  Ruben's judgement and advice were
 proven to be, as always, very sound.  Both Ruben and Star went to considerable  trouble to accommodate
 me, and I really appreciate this. 
 Especially with such an excellent outcome to their efforts.  My warmest thanks to both of them, and also
 to you for having created such a fine establishment.  
With fondest regards, 

My roster and movements.

I am not taking session bookings until next week. I will be on roster Mon. 13th, Tues. 14th from 4.00pm not Wednesday, and at this point in time I am not sure of my start time on Thurs. 16th or Friday 17th, but will know on Monday when I do the weekly roster.

Mistress Ruben

This week Mistress Ruben is working by appointment only and will be 'on call' if you want to make a booking. Ruben would appreciate one hours notice for her to be able to arrive in time and prepare for your session. Ruben will be back on a regular roster shortly.




Skin Two Rubber Ball.

Seems there is a little confusion regarding our participation in the 2007 Rubber Ball. Salon Kitty's is NOT taking part this time. I realise we are advertised on the current Rubber Ball website but that is from a previous Ball, we certainly will not be taking part this year. So, those of you who were wanting to know if we are holding functions at SK's in connection with the Rubber Ball the answer is NO. If you want to come along and dress and get ready prior to the Ball we may be able to arrange something for you as we have in the past.

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