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Mistress Ruben returns to roster.

Mistress Ruben will be returning to roster for her usual shifts on Monday 18th April, as well as Tuesday and Friday day
from 10 30am and will also be available from 6.00pm Saturday evening.

Mistress Zoe.

Mistress Zoe has joined the Salon Kitty's team. Slaves who know her and are seeking her out can phone 9549 5200
to make a booking. If you have not met this young experienced Mistress you can find her at the House on Mondays
and Tuesdays 10.30am till 6.00pm.

Last chance

To see Mistress Lucida this Wednesday evening before she goes away for a month - best to phone to
make your booking.

Mistress Imperia.

Please note today and tomorrow Mistress Imperia will be on roster till 9pm.

Mistress Movements.

Mistress Tatiana has returned from her break.

Mistress Ruben will be away from April 4th-20th.

Mistress Lucida will be away for a month in April.

Mistress Imperia will be away from 8th April returning to roster on 17th April.

If you are wanting to see either of these Mistresses before they go away I would suggest you
make a booking.

Are you a Handyman?

I am looking for someone who has handyman skills. The majority of males who make contact with me regarding
helping us at SK's. is all about their session, kissing pussy, being used as a toilet, that unfortunately is not
what we need.

I have had to postpone some of my interviews with slaves as I have been too busy to do so. I don't
appreciate being constantly hassled by those who have never even set foot inside the door but are
looking for a free session.

My apologies to those whom I know have been frequent visitors to SK's, you are the people who are
given priority.

Anyhow, if you can paint, use basic tools sufficiently, with some idea of what you are doing, then I would like to meet

If you want to email or text me you can on 0418 280846.

Attention Foot Fetishists

The beautiful Mistress Phaedra is currently offering special deals for all Foot based Fantasies from toe-sucking to trampling.
Phaedra has an extensive range of high end footwear and pantihose to please the most discerning of fetishists.
If your fantasy has anything to do with feet now is the time to visit this most talented Mistress.

Mistress Brittany returns this week.

Those of you who have been patiently waiting for the return of Mistress Brittany will be glad to know she is back on
roster this week. To secure a booking you should ring the receptionist.

A sign of the times?

Sad to hear that Angus & Robertson and the Australian division of Borders have been placed into voluntary
administration due to problems with it's parent company.

I actually can't remember a time in my life without Angus and Robertson. I certainly ordered a few risque
publications from them way before we all had access to the internet and online purchasing.

Much blame has been placed on internet sales, I certainly hope it won't be leading to the death of book stores
as we have known them. There is something really special about choosing a book in a store and not online.

Mistress Movements.

Mistress Tattiana is taking a break for a couple of weeks.
Mistress Brittany should be returning by the end of the month.
Mistress Devonia back on roster this coming weekend.
Mistress Kalyss visiting as I have already mentioned.

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