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Smelly Feet Fetish.

Many of you ask me if you can have a session with a lady in gym shoes who has smelly socks and feet.
This is fine with us and we can certainly oblige however you must realise that no lady comes to work
smelling, if she does arrive straight from the gym she always showers before dressing.

If you want this style of session you MUST make a booking and give us a deposit which is deducted from
your session price.

My availability.

Please note that I do put my counseling bookings first before session bookings, after all you do have many Mistresses
to choose from.
I will be on roster for the next few weeks on a Wednesday by appointment however the other days may vary.
You can always email me in any case and I will let you know my availability.

A Bit Of Fun and Frivolity.

You know, you have to laugh sometimes, it is said it takes 7 years off your life!

If you would like to join myself and some of the other Mistresses to go along to a show, concert, or out
to dinner please let me know.

We are intending to go to the show 'Hairspray' and currently putting a group together, the show finishes
in October and we would like to go prior to 22nd September.

We have done this in the past and had a great time so we thought we would do it again.
We will be putting together different 'packages' as I realise not everyone will be wanting a session
or to Cross dress prior to the event.

Anyway, please let me know if you are interested - your ideas and suggestions are always appreciated.

There is always one or more in every crowd.

This evening I went with friends to see the fabulous SYDNEY-based Malaysian singer and guitarist Anna Salleh
( at Bar Me in Kings Cross.
Anna is such a great performer, easy to listen to and very sexy.
To my horror a small group of people in the front decided to hold a discussion in the middle of her performance,
a couple of the women even getting up to dance in what was a very crowded small space.

Their actions reminded me of one of the reasons why we stopped holding parties at SK's. There always seems to
be a few people in a crowd who don't give a damn about others, show disrespect to the hosts/performers and
spoil things for others attending.

Anyway, if you get a chance to hear Anna and you like jazz singers with some real talent make sure you catch Anna
live some time.

Dog slave in at present.

Dog Crate

I was given a dog crate a few months back however it was not suitable for my dogs so I stored it out in our back courtyard
here at SK's where it has gathered dust and dirt.

Much to my delight I had a dog slave contact me who is right at this moment working on the area, clearing up after the deluge we
had last week and finally cleaning the dog crate. I have tied his balls and clamped his nipples, he is sweating profusely but
working hard so far. A dog's life shouldn't be too easy!

I really enjoy training dog slaves so it will be good to have a House dog on hand who can keep the crate in good order so as
other dogs can come in and visit us as well.

Once it is spick and span I will take a pic to show you - I think it will probably be too dark tonight by the time the dog slave
has completed his cleaning duties however I will take a photo over the weekend and hope that some of you will be able
to fit inside!

(PS: dog crate picture now uploaded - click on the thumbnail. Shame I didn't have enough light to take a picture with the dog-slave inside.)

Phone Fantasies.

It's never an easy decision to raise prices and that's why we try to minimize any price increases at Salon Kitty's.
Unfortunately, we sometimes do have to raise prices.
This will be the first time we have raised the price of our phone fantasies in over 10 years.
We believe our price rise reflects the high quality phone sex services the women at Salon Kitty's provide.
Remember, not only can you see the woman on our website, you know she regularly engages in a multitude
of sexual fantasies in real life, you can visit her for a session or even make your phone fantasy part of your
session. This service is unlike so many 'networked' phone fantasy providers who work from scripts and whom
you would never get to meet.

Our new prices are:
$70 for 20 minutes
$105 for 30 minutes
$210 for one hour

Are there Cultural Differences in sexual values, attitudes and BDSM?

I'm often asked this question, I guess it is because it is one of those things that makes people curious.

Yes, there are of course cultural differences when it comes to sex and sexuality and in particular BDSM. Even the legal situation of sadomasochistic activities varies greatly between countries. In Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries, consensual BDSM is legal. Compared to countries like the U.K. and the U.S. I believe we are fortunate here in Australia not to have ridiculous laws even though they vary from state to state.

Anyway, humans differ from animals in our development of what we call "values". We are not controlled by instinctual needs alone. As we grow, learn and have experiences, we derive general guides to behaviour. These give us direction in our behaviour and are called "values". Values reflect the worth we attach to anything. Our sexual values relate to the rightness or wrongness of sexual conduct and when and how sexuality should be expressed.

Naturally each country has its own melting pot of ethnicities, values, and religions.
For instance, the Middle East has a long, sensual history that celebrates sex and romance as do many Asian countries, (particularly Japan and India) that have a long history going back thousands of years, which honour sexuality in life and art.

I think it is fair to say that sexual values, attitudes and behaviours have changed more and become more diverse in the Australia, The United Kingdom and other western countries in the last half-century than they did in the previous five hundred. The development and increased availability of the birth control pill has been described as 'the defining event' of the second half of the twentieth century (Gelles 1995). By breaking the natural link between sexual activity and reproduction, the contraceptive pill had a dramatic impact on everyday life: reproduction became for many people a matter of choice and family planning, and the sexual revolution of the 1960s, with its emphasis on recreational and promiscuous sex, was ushered in.

Sexual values are learned and not instinctive. Each person would learn sexual values in different ways, at different rates and with differing results. We acquire our sexual values from our social environment - our parents, family, friends, school, the books we read, the TV shows we watch and our religious background. These are sometimes given the term "cultural influences".

In any case our society is pluralistic, and embraces a wide range of sexual values. While some people may be quite liberal in their sexual views and behaviour (for example on issues such as premarital sex, prostitution, pornography, BDSM, homosexuality etc.), others may be very traditional and conservative.

I'm often contacted by people particularly from Greece and Turkey telling me that they are ready and willing to relocate because they can't satisfy their interests in their own country. I must say I find this a little hard to believe and would love to hear from people who have local knowledge.

So, are the French really the best lovers, Australians the most playful, the Swedish the most sensual and the English the worst? I don't really believe one can generalise here. Sexual values are not static and we continuously re-order our value system based on ongoing experience, personal needs, likes and wants. Many people are introduced to BDSM quite late in life, some after a relationship breakup while others as
young as 18 are keen to experience various aspects of Domination and submission.

Each of us are who we are, with unique histories and differences that we embrace as part of our identities, and sexual and sensual cultures.

Mistress Lucida returns this week.

For everyone who has been wanting to know when Mistress Lucida is returning I am happy to announce she will
be back on roster this Wed. evening (May 11th) I would suggest you phone to make a booking if you want to catch up
with this popular and versatile Mistress.

Salon Kitty's closed on Good Friday.

There are very few days of the year that we close, Good Friday is one of them.
Please note that we will be open again on Saturday from 10.30am.

Mistress Imperia returns today.

Mistress Imperia is back from her holiday today and is keen to meet with her admirers and slaves.

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