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Emails and making bookings.

Please note that when you send a Mistress or submissive an email they often don't get the chance to check your
email until they arrive at SK's. Some of you will send an email in the wee small hours of the morning wanting a booking
early the next day.

If you could ring 9549 5200 as close to 9.30am as possible, telling the receptionist that you have sent an email to
a particular lady and then make your booking the receptionist will be able to make sure the lady of your choice checks
her email prior to meeting you. On many occasions a lady will arrive and go straight into session and doesn't check her
email for a couple of hours.

Volunteers for our Training Workshops please note.

It looks like we will be looking at Thursday or Friday of this week for Workshops (if we do any this week that is)
At present it is looking more like next week.
Will keep you all informed.

Garden slave needed.

Unfortunately our Garden slave we had for many years has moved interstate and we are now in need of someone
to keep the front gardens and the back Courtyard clean and tidy. We have a lot of plants scattered around the
premises and need the Courtyard (where the Mistresses tend to relax) to be clean and tidy.

If you feel you have the ability to give us some of your time to keep these areas in good condition we can
work out a mutually acceptable payment for your services.

Please email me with your details and when you could be available if you think you would be suitable for
this position.

Would you like to attend a "Themed" Event at Salon Kitty's?

Our Photo Shoot went very well, you will see the results shortly on the SK website.

As for the group Humiliation scene with the Mistresses after the shoot, we had
so many slaves interested we unfortunately couldn't find a space for everyone, as
usual too many people left it too late to book.

With that said, it was suggested to me by one of our regular visitors that we hold a
"Humiliation" event on a Saturday evening, giving all who might want to attend a little
more notice to book.

So, if you would like to attend something like this please email me with your particular
interests and I will see what we can arrange. I would not see this happening until early June.

If there are any other "Themed" events you would like to be involved in do let me know. I
am happy to put you on a mailing list of future events.

This Saturday night 5th May.

Some of the Mistresses are getting together for a Latex Photo Shoot (after all it IS Fashion Week here
in Sydney) and will be at Salon Kitty's most likely after for some refreshments.
I know what the women are like when they get together for some fun so I predict they will be in a
very good mood and in full swing.

Anyone interested in a Humiliation session with a group of Mistresses might like to present themselves after 8.30pm.

You will DEFINITELY need to book or phone on Saturday night - you will be advised if there is a place for you.

Volunteers take note please.

It takes a few shifts for me to know if the new women are going to work out and for them to tell me what they actually need to practice.

Many women who apply for a position at SK's often think because they have experienced a variety of activities in their private lives and have played at Hellfire that they are competent to train as a Pro Domme. It isn't until they actually get into session with a Mistress and a client (a total stranger to them) that they realise the difference between an amateur and a Professional and WHY we charge for our services.

I will be contacting ALL our volunteers for training sessions for at least 2 of our new women who will be wanting
to practice next week.

I am still interviewing people but unbeknown to most of you the number who don't work out (or leave after their
first shift or don't turn up at all) is greater than those who stay.

Obviously, being a Pro Domme is not as easy as many people think.

Education, Mistress/Master Training, Singles and Couples.

First of all I am sorry to say that the premises in which I have been working in Glebe on Saturday nights for the last couple of years
for Training are being sold and redeveloped. I will now be carrying out my Training sessions at Salon Kitty's by appointment.
You can email me for more information re Training packages, or individual tuition etc.
On a final note, thanks to Karen, Peter and Tiff for the assistance and support during our time together. I will miss you!

I will be in at SK's tonight with a young lesbian couple who are celebrating a Birthday - there has been much planning going
into this training session, the submissive is giving the Domme a very special gift. I am looking forward to meeting and guiding
them this evening.

I am pleased to see couples of all different types. Same sex, heterosexual, D/s and sub sub couples.
Anyway, if you are interested in BDSM but don't quite know where to start?
Maybe your wife/partner has an interest and you'd like to know a bit more about it and get some practical experience?
Perhaps you are a single male or female who would like someone to guide you through a selection of activities?

If you are interested I do offer PRIVATE personalized training sessions for males and females as part of my overall service and
take great care and pleasure in designing sessions for couples. Watching people's ideas and fantasies being played out
and seeing their response can be exciting and rewarding.

I might add here that I am often asked "what is the right way for me to behave as a Master/Mistress? What you need to
remember is that apart from some common sense safety rules and respecting your partners wishes there is no right or wrong way to
behave. The only people who make the rules are the people involved in the scene/relationship. Sure there are right or wrong ways to
engage in specific activities but one can learn techniques with time and practice.


Thank you to whoever sent me the Humbler, I can't wait to use it on a submissive male, however, you forgot to tell me who it is from!

Yes, I am still looking for new people to join Salon Kitty's.

As many of you know the majority of people who work at Salon Kitty's stay for a very long time, we like to think of ourselves
as a kink friendly family. Over the last few months our roster has been bare in some places because we have lost a few people,
they have moved on in their lives or have gone to live interstate.

For this reason I thought it would be a good time to take on some new people and hope to attract those who feel they have
something to offer.

Over the past few weeks I have interviewed quite a few people and you will gradually see their names appearing on the
SK website and roster.

If you are a sex worker or a fetishist, Mistress or Master and would like to arrange an interview please contact me
via email A recent photo attached would also be helpful.

Introducing Nate - FTM (Female to Male Transexual)

I would like to introduce Nate, who is the newest member of the Salon Kitty's team.

I am constantly looking for individuals male, female and TS who believe they have something unique to offer so as we
can add extra services to our range of sexual fantasies, fetishes, BDSM and the alternative sexual lifestyle.

Take a look at Nate's Bio and pics.

Nate is available this Saturday after midday and will work by appointment in the early evenings
during the week if available. You can email him

Nate has been involved in the sex industry for a while and has decided to join Salon Kitty's so as to
expand his knowledge and interests.

As yet our computer system hasn't quite caught up with the changes we are making at SK's so just at the
moment Nate is listed with the Mistresses but this will be changing shortly.

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