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Foot Fetishists Take Note!

Check out the video of Mistress Victoria, her beautiful feet and what they can do!

Themed Event - more slaves suggestions.

The following is from slave fred.

Themed events.
This sounds much like a controlled Mistress party (from the good 'ole days) About time !! :-)

About the only trouble with those parties was that too many wannabees just stood
around fully clothed apart from that, they were fabulous.

Perhaps a mandatory rule is that ALL males must be naked (put their clothes in a bag
just like before) and MUST submit to EVERY female. Maybe have a card around their neck with

Any true slave will submit to and obey EVERY Domme so if they book then that's the
rules. It's a humiliation night so expect humiliation or don't come. That should cut out
any pretenders. It could be a permanent Saturday night event or maybe there's a 'quiet night'.
They'd still come. I would.

My idea of a public humiliation at these parties would be to be publicly thrashed
and then ordered by a Mistress to be the house cock sucker--but in the main public room in front of and
by every male there.
Crawl up to every male and beg to...
Mistress Saskia was the only one who did this to me. Thank the powers that she's returning.
Do you think she'd marry me ?

AND............The following suggestion is from slave don.

"slave auction. 'Each slave must pay to be part of the auction and must write down why the Mistresses should bid for
him. There is an auctioneer and slaves are brought before the Mistresses in just a slave hood. Mistresses bid with a predetermined
amount of monopoly money they are given. When the Mistress wins her bid for her slave she makes use of slave for a
discounted session as arranged between slave and Mistress.

What does a Forced Bi Themed event consist of?

I was asked this question recently.

Being forced to suck cock is a popular fantasy. Some sub males like to be fucked up the arse as well.
It is called forced bi because you are being forced to do so by a Mistress for her amusement, pleasure and entertainment.
A Forced Bi Event can involve "cock sucking" training and "anal strap-on" training. You could be dressed as a slut while told in
detail what will happen to you when you are made to suck cock for real.
You may be restrained, grabbed by the hair or ears, while the man’s cock is forced into your mouth. Some slaves may be forced to suck a Transsexuals cock who is dressed in sexy attire, or you may be turned into a slut and dressed in slutty outfits. You might be forced to wear a tight corset and a short mini skirt revealing your sexy panties.
Depending on the occasion and the Mistresses wishes some men stay as men and are forced to suck cock without changing role.

Receptionist required.

We are in need of a receptionist to join our team. If you are female and feel you have the right qualifications and interest
in working at Salon Kitty's please email our Manageress Kylie @ to arrange an interview.

Themed Event Suggestions so far.

I thought some of you might be interested in the suggestions I have had put to me if we were to run a Themed Event in the
near future.

1) A "forced bi" themed event, a cross dressing event or similar. 

2) A tea party for the Mistresses with some subs being used as furniture, others possibly as toilets while some would be dressed as
maids to serve the Mistresses and clean up afterwards.

3) A Latex event where all slaves and Mistresses wore Latex.

4) An event where amateur Mistresses and their slaves could strut there stuff, meet other like minded people with NO PRESSURE
to perform in public.

5) A Humiliation scene where slaves are humiliated by more than one Mistress, in a public area witnessed by other slaves as well.

Feel free to add your ideas or suggestions.

Respect in a Domme/sub relationship.

Something I have noticed during my Training Sessions with Couples is that there is often a lack of respect for a partner.

Just recently I met a male submissive who preferred to dictate the entire script for his ideal Domme/sub encounter with the expectation that his Domme partner (who is very inexperienced) will gain sexual pleasure strictly from serving his desire to submit (only in
the manner he wants, giving her no room to explore herself)

During an interview with the couple the male said to me in front of her "She just doesn’t do it for me, she doesn't turn me on, she is a hopeless Domme, I hope you can do something with her"

I find it difficult to be polite to anyone who treats their partner with such disrespect. This guy behaved in a way that showed he had zero respect for his partners feelings.

Insensitive jerks rarely make good boyfriends or submissive partners.

Mistress Saskia returns in June.

I know there will be many of you who will be thrilled to know that Mistress Saskia will be returning to
roster on Saturday 9th June from 12 noon till 6.00pm. Saskia will be available at these times each

In the meantime if you would like to email Mistress Saskia you are welcome to do so. I expect
she will have a new Bio for you shortly.

Nate away this week till next Wednesday.

Our FTM transsexual will be off roster this week returning on 23rd May.
You can still email nate during this period.

Fantasy meeting Reality.

I would be able to retire if I had one dollar for the number of times I have received the following request
over the last 27 years. The fact is NO ONE ever presents themselves for this FANTASY yet the requests
keep on coming. It is more realistic to settle on seeing a Mistress (or more) and receptionists (who
are interested) for this style of session - and 24 hours?

"Is there anyway that I could be used as a full toilet(scat,pee and toilet paper) for
a full 24 hours by pretty much anyone that needs to go...male or female and be
made to give oral sex to both male and female and made to clean other toilets with my
mouth while being laughed at and made fun off...if not could u tell me if anything
kinda the same that could be done. If this is the wrong place to ask may u point me
in the right direction."

Attention to ALL our volunteers.

By the way this week has been running we have not been able to slot in any workshops at all.
Coordinating the Trainee's time, your time and mine is not a simple task.
I will keep you updated.
Thank you to all of you who have been so explicit with the times you are available, it is
very much appreciated.

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