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Callers with Unknown Numbers.

Please note I am often in a position where I cannot answer a phone call and need to ring you back.
Those of you who contact me with an "unknown number" can never receive a reply.
Furthermore, I have to say I just don't trust callers who are afraid to be identified.

Mistress Lucida.

Mistress Lucida will be returning to roster on Wed. 8th August from 4.00pm.

She will also be available on Fridays from 10.30am.

Those of you who have been keen to catch up with her would be wise to make a booking in advance.

For Ladies Only on Friday Evenings - Duet Sessions: Master/Mistress/Switch.

Ladies Only.
Duet Sessions: Master/Mistress/Switch.
Domination/Submission, Fetish/Fantasy.

Women are often afraid to reveal or share their interest in BDSM. This can
be for a number of reasons. It may be because they fear the dangers that
can be involved when meeting with and engaging in BDSM activities with
total strangers. Or it can be they are very shy, nervous and self
conscious or they may fear family, friends or work colleagues discovering
this very private side of their personality.

For this reason Master Conrad together with his switch partner Belle are
happy to invite interested ladies to explore their Dominant or submissive
Fantasies in a legal, hygienic, safe and caring environment.

If you are a female of legal age who has a genuine interest in exploring a
Sexual Fetish or Fantasy or would like to experiment with Domination or
submission with two very sincere BDSM enthusiasts please phone me
on 0418 280846. We can then take the first steps to organizing a very
special Introduction, Fantasy or BDSM experience for you.

We are looking for submissive ladies.

If you are a lady who prefers to take the submissive role I would be interested in meeting you.
Please feel free to email me with your details, interests and experience.

Mistress Kalyss visiting us shorlty.

The beautiful and talented Mistress Kalyss will be visiting us for a few days.

Her roster will be as follows:

Friday 15th june - 12 noon till 8.00pm
Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd June 12 noon till 8.00pm

To save disappointment it would be a good idea to make an advanced booking.

WANTED: Male for video - no face required.

I am interested to meet someone who could be available for some videos - you would need to be experienced in CBT as well as
having an interest in other areas such as sounds and electric play.

Please email me your details including your experience and when you would be available to film.

Medical and CBT training.

I have sent out a few emails to volunteers who have stated they have an interest in CBT, enemas and medical sounds.
I will be holding a training session on Tuesday afternoon for a couple of Mistresses, the time has not been set as yet as
I am waiting confirmation from the volunteers I have notified.

I have NOT sent an email to everyone on my list as I know some of you would be unable to make a time during the
week. Please don't feel you have been ignored or forgotten.

Mistress Movements - Saskia, Saphira and Zila.

Please note Mistress Saskia returns to roster this Saturday 9th June at noon. Mistress Saphira is away for 2 weeks and Mistress Zila
is overseas for 3 months.

Ladies in the front page of the SK website.

Quite a few of you have been asking who are the ladies in our photo on the front of our website.
The women involved in the pics are Aleksa (wearing the hat) Mico, Orlarne, Imperia, Phaedra,
Minette, Zila, TS Saphira and Mistress Mercury in the latex mask.

A note to our Volunteers.

First of all let me say that we are grateful to everyone who offers time and their body for a Workshop.
However, at least every day I receive several emails from people who have asked to be on our Volunteer List for Workshops
(over one hundred) asking when they are going to occur. At this stage I can't tell you when or if and there is no way that every
one of you who has registered an interest could be involved!

Now, luckily for us we have been quite busy which means the Apprentices have been getting into a lot of sessions and have been
having a great deal of "hands-on" experience. Naturally this is a lot better than a Workshop environment as they can participate in the activity
within the context of the session. More importantly for them they often gain a small tip which helps them a great deal at this stage of their career. One of the reasons an apprentice will drop off is when she doesn't earn enough money to support herself so we do tend to encourage "in session training" above Workshops although they of course do have their place and can be very beneficial.

I will let EVERYONE know when we are going to hold a Workshop however emailing several times daily does get to be rather annoying.

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