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Submissive Women article.

Jackie Dent is a journalist who is writing a story for the Sun Herald's Sunday Life magazine about submissive women.
She says "An interesting book has just been released in Australia -- here is a link to an article written by the author.

If you are a submissive woman who would be interested in speaking to Jackie you can do so anonymously
or publicly. Her email is below.

Lady Louella's roster.

The following are the proposed dates and times when Lady Louella will be available.
Please phone 9549 5200 to secure your booking.

Wednesday 5th September - available from 10.30 am (to 6.30 pm)
Friday 7th September - available from 2 pm (to 10 pm)
Saturday 8th September - available from 2 pm (to 10 pm)

Wednesday 12th September - available from 10.30 am (to 6.30 pm)
Friday 14th September - available from 2 pm (to 10 pm)
Saturday 15th September - available from 2 pm (to 10 pm) *

Masters Interviews this evening.

Don't forget I am interviewing Masters this evening. If you can't make your interview time please email or leave me a
text message on 0418 280846.

Mistress Elena officially moving on.

Mistress Elena has just informed me today that she is continuing studies and moving on with her life. She did her training
at Salon Kitty's and was with us for many years. I am sure you will all join me in wishing her all the best for her future.

Your are in for a treat - Lady Louella visiting us in September.

I'm so happy to announce that we have Lady Louella coming to visit us in September. The date she is due to be on
roster is 5th September. I am hoping she will be also available on Friday and Saturday nights. Her confirmed roster
will be on the website in September.

In the meanwhile check out her website and make sure you don't miss the opportunity of meeting this amazing
and creative lady.

Next Couples Meeting.

A tentative date (Sat. 29th Sept) has been set for my next Couples meeting. This night is for Couples who are new to the
BDSM scene and would like to meet and play in a safe legal environment. Please email me with some background information
so as I can let you know if this meet would be suitable for you.

Interviewing for Masters.

I will be interviewing for Masters again on Friday 31st August from 5.00pm. If you would like an interview please contact
me via email giving your experience and personal details as well as your availability to be on roster.
You will be able to contact me at Salon Kitty's on 9549 5200 during this evening from 5.00pm if you require any further information.

Welcome Back Mistress Zila.

The amazing Mistress Zila returns to roster tomorrow. I know there are many of you who have been waiting
for her return.

Meet Mistress Eva.

Just recently we have been joined by young Apprentice Mistress Eva who has now been with us for a few shifts.
Eva is yet to write her Bio however if you are in the House and would like to meet her or have her involved in
your session in some way I am sure she will be happy to meet you.

I would appreciate your feedback please.

Over the last few months we have had a number of Apprentice Mistresses commence. Some only stayed for
a few shifts while others have been learning, going into session with experienced Mistresses and carrying out sessions
by themselves.

At this stage I would really appreciate your feedback (positive or negative) if you have met or seen in session any of the following people Angelique, Belle Starr, Eris, Eva, Evangeline, Minette and Saphira.

Naturally anything you report to me will be confidential.

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