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Interested House slaves, volunteers and those wanting to be involved in sessions.

Prior to 17th Jan I would prefer to hear from those who seek employment at SK's.
Volunteers, those wanting to be involved in our sessions or being a House slave please do not email me until
after 17th Jan. If I ask you to stop emailing and sending text messages and you do not comply I will NOT
consider you for any position. (At least it does give me an idea as to who will be suitable for House service).
There is nothing more annoying than slaves who can't stop hassling and ignore requests to do so. It is hardly
submissive behaviour and not the type of personality I or the other women at SK's prefer to be around.

I am looking forward to an interesting and productive year and hope to achieve a couple of goals I have for
SK's in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve and 2011 is a wonderful year for you.

If you are wanting a session this evening please book your session asap to avoid disappointment. We will be
closed tomorrow.
Beautiful weather in Sydney today, not so for many around the country. Once again I am looking forward to
the fireworks this evening and plan to picnic and view the event from a local vantage point.

Drive safe everyone (and as one of our friends commented who is currently holidaying in the U.S. and landed
in hospital from a car accident) wear your seat belt.

Employment at Salon Kitty's

Apprentices, Transsexuals, Males, Dominant and sub.

I will be conducting interviews week commencing 17th Jan. Those of you who are interested in a position please email
the times you would be available (i.e. days evenings or weekends) so as I can establish a timetable for myself.

Transsexuals - Please apply with your interests and experience.

More and more we are using males in our sessions. If you are a male and thinking of applying for a position, please be
very specific about your age and experience, what you can do and what you are not interested in doing. You need to have a
mobile contact number and be willing to be "on call"

With all applications a recent pic attached would be appreciated. Please do not phone me regarding interviews at this stage.

My Availability.

I've had quite a few queries regarding my availability for apprentice/work interviews, lunch, dinner, sessions, consultations and
counseling over the next couple of weeks. Apart from arrangements I made with people a few months ago I will not be available
until the week commencing Monday 17th Jan. 2011. I look forward to catching up with everyone from then on. At this stage I am
not sure what my 'session' roster will be however I will be working by appointment only. I will contact all those who have been
wanting a session in early Jan.
In the meantime feel free to email me, I try and reply asap or you can phone or text 0418 280846 and leave a message.

Mistress Movements.

A few of the women are taking a short break - please check our roster which we do keep updated to see who is available and when.

Mistress Kalyss will be with us in February but at this stage I am not sure of her dates.

Most days and evenings there are a few ladies on roster who cater to most sessions. At this time of year it is best to phone for your
booking, some ladies are also 'on call' or working by appointment only.

Merry Christmas to all.

On behalf of everyone at Salon Kitty's I wish all our clients, fans and friends a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have
a wonderful day. Drive safe.

Answers to questions re: SK Gift Certificates.

I've had a number of queries regarding our Gift Certificates so
I trust this information will help.

A Salon Kitty's Gift Certificate can be purchased from Salon Kitty's for
any of the services we provide. You can arrange this with our receptionists.
They are valid for one year and can be redeemed either all at once,
or progressively.

Please remember that Salon Kitty's management do not set the price for
services of a Mistress or submissive, so you will need to agree a price
before purchasing the Gift Certificate, or the Certificate can be
part-payment towards a session. In reasonable circumstances, Salon
Kitty's will refund the difference. Dungeon hires are at a set price.

Every Gift Certificate is personalized, so you must purchase in advance.
We will print them on Photo grade paper and you can collect from us, or
we will mail them to you.

All you need to do is give us a message of your own choosing to print on
the certificate, and decide on an amount.

Gift Certificates ARE redeemable for cash, but at a 20% discount to
their face value.

Friday 10th December.

The ladies of Salon Kitty's are intending to have a bit of Xmas fun this Friday evening and will be congregating in our
back courtyard (weather permitting) and possibly the bottom floor of the 310 side of the House if it rains.

If you think you would like to visit this Friday evening for a session please make your booking asap so as we can make
sure your Mistress or submissive will be available for you.

Mistress movements/holidays.

Some of the Mistresses will be going away for a short Christmas break. Mistress Sophie has just informed me she is going
overseas and I have no idea when she will be back or if I will have her back at SK's. I have found her commitment to SK's and
our clients rather lacking compared to the rest of the women at SK's.

As always our roster should stay healthy for most of the Christmas and New Year period. We will be closing a little earlier on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve so best to get your bookings in asap. Christmas Day and New Years Day we always close.

Masters - Anyone for Kitten Play?

Most kittens are full of mischief, maybe that is why young submissive Mauve loves to be a Kitten.
Masters who would like to have some playful fun might like to come along and meet Mauve for
a session with a difference.

Take a look at Mauve's kitten pics and her write up on what she likes doing with you.

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